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macronutrients again !!!

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saintnikcolas Mon 20-Dec-04 17:56:21

ive got to re do some of my biology essay cause it wasnt good enough, the new question he has given me is

"what are the macronutrients found in steak pie, chips and beans. i aslo have to explain the following in detail for each of the macronutrient present,

its chemical composition and the final products of its digestion, and how each macronutrient is used by the body

so has anyone got a ny liks to wbsites that explain this in english !!!!

saintnikcolas Mon 20-Dec-04 18:10:30

please i need help i want to get it out the way

ZCMUM Mon 20-Dec-04 18:11:25

Is it Alevel Biology?

saintnikcolas Mon 20-Dec-04 18:12:58

well im doing the access course so i think its as level so ive been told

ZCMUM Mon 20-Dec-04 18:29:41

Have you tried searching for macronutrients, all I know(think I know) is:

Macronutrients are protein,fats and carbohydrates, so I guess the beans would be protein, pie would be carb, chips starch(carb)etc.
Don't know if that helps at all, I'm planning on doing my Alevel biology soon, but as yet haven't got much of a clue, sorry! I'll have a little look for you though.

saintnikcolas Mon 20-Dec-04 18:37:14

thank you u no more than me xxxx

ZCMUM Mon 20-Dec-04 18:44:49

Good luck with it anyway, I'll keep looking, see if I can find a webpage which can help you more

happymerryberries Mon 20-Dec-04 18:55:00

OK, the macronutients would be Protein, in the steak and beans, Fats in the meat, the pastry and in the chips, and carbohydrates in the flour in the pie and in the spuds. Protiens are digested to give amino acids, fats are broken down to give fattu acids and glycerol and carbohydrates give sugars, eventualy glucose. Amino acids are used in the manufacture of protiens and cell walls (so growth and repair), fats are used for energy and for cell membranes (so energy and grown and repair) and carbohydrates are used to give energy. I can't give you the structures here but go to

And it will give you more info. It is at A level and very readable.


happymerryberries Mon 20-Dec-04 18:57:17

try again A level Biology

saintnikcolas Mon 20-Dec-04 19:05:15

THANK YOU , ill let you no how i get on god it sound so much easier to understand when some one explains it xxxxxxxxxxx

saintnikcolas Tue 28-Dec-04 21:35:42

ive just sat down to start my essay and im doing the second question wich is what is the chemical composition of each macronutrient, protien, carbs, fats, what does this mean does anyone no ????

saintnikcolas Tue 28-Dec-04 21:41:34

anyone im really stuck again

sallyhollyberry Tue 28-Dec-04 21:44:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyhollyberry Tue 28-Dec-04 21:54:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 09:10:20

ive read the lonk but i just dont understand her question the books ive got arent much help either x

saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 11:36:32

happymerryberries Wed 29-Dec-04 12:50:06

Each of the macro nutients are made up of chemicals stuch together to make the macromolecule compounds (a compound is two or more elements stuck together, eg carbon dioxide = 1 carbon atom and two oxygen atoms stuck together). So each macromolecule is made up of large numbers of individual atoms stuck together in specific ways. What they are asking you is, I think, to describe how the structures of the macromolecules are put together and which atoms they contain. So for carbohydrates you will hace Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O), faths hace the same elements but stuck together in different ways. Protiens have the above, with the addition of Nitrogen (N). Remember that protens are made up of chains of amino acids. If you look at the link I gave you, it gives you the detail of the structues. Think of it like a model being made up of individual lego bricks, they are asking you how each model if put together.

Let me know if you need more help.

saintnikcolas Wed 29-Dec-04 14:32:45

oh i get it thank you are u a teacher because your good xxxxxxxxxx

happymerryberries Thu 30-Dec-04 08:15:18

Yes, caught me out, I'm a science teacher and specialise in Biology So ask away!

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