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Anyone else doing MST121 & able to explain this fecking mathcad???

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readytopop Tue 19-Feb-08 21:14:09

I'm trying to do the differentiation using mathcad for the TMA, but no matter how often I follow the directions I keep coming up with an irratiting error message...swearing at my pc isn't working, any ideas???

stressybint Fri 04-Apr-08 00:20:37

I'm doing the MST121, but I am REALLY suffering with baby brain, my son is 11wks, and along with my 2 daughters & 2 step-children who visit, I cannot even start TMA 03 let alone finish it, it's now 2 wks late, & my tutor is great, but i'm REALLY struggling, I just look at it and it looks gobbeldegook, I've found the best thing about Mathcad though is to run 2 pages simulataniously and do the workings out at the same time, helps my poor brain a bit, daren't go to a tutorial though, as i'll feel a complete dunce, why did you choose this course?

readytoswiggin Sat 05-Apr-08 20:04:25

<<Name changed since tyhe bump arrived>>

It's tough trying to get the brain into study mode isn't it. I find once I have my older two in bed all I want to do right now is slump in front of the telly. I managed to get TMA03 in on time -just! I hadn't done any of the mathcad, as life had been so hetic, but I also knew even with an extension I would struggle, so submitted without. Also had to wing Q6, as I hadn't got as far as C3. Tutors comment - Q6 shows that I am still struggling to understand logs. Think I got away with itgrin

Haven't been to any tutorials either, but it's also a case of logistics for me, as dh wasn't getting home until 6.45.

I chose it cos I was good at maths at school, I like 'black and white' subjects where you are either right or wrong. I did MU120 last year, so am following on. Will have to do more points next year and pull my finger out!

What about you?

stressybint Sat 05-Apr-08 21:17:43

STILL haven't submitted, it just looks gobbledegook when I look at the questions, I'm ok, once the kids are in bed I do sit down & do it but I got behind with TMA 02 as it was due 16th Jan baby not due until the 19th so I thought I would do it all in rough then write it out & post it by the 16th which would then give me enough time to have the baby & have a bit of time off to get into TMA 03 mode, but he arrived a week early (& both my girls had been late!!) and totally threw me out of kilt I was late writing it up & therefore late sending it & late re-starting for TMA 03, I just want to get this year over with & start again in sept. What are you aiming for? What degree course are you getting credits for I'm aiming for B46 BSc (Honours) Mathemetics & its learning, think I might just have to post as it is get a crappy mark and aim to get top marks for the final TMA in June.grin

readytoswiggin Sat 05-Apr-08 21:34:40

everything looks like gobbledegook, esp since I've just started back on the ad's for PND. My concentration has gone, and I find sitting down and getting on with it really hard. My original plan was to get myself about a month ahead of myself, but as with all best laid plans, rl took over. I keep telling myself that deferring at this stage is not an option, there's only 2 months to go.

Are you planning to teach maths as a subject? I'm currently registered for the open degree, as it gives me flaxability over what I do. Ultimatly, I would like to do midwifery, but that might have to be put on hold until dcs are older as it would have quite a few childcare issues for me! in the meantime, once I have a degree, I may look into teaching, or see what else there is.

tbh, imo, so long as you can show that you have the general drift of what you are waffling on about, you will get marks, even if the end answer is wrong. I have always hoped for 50% on each, as that pretty much gurantees a pass. They do subsitution, so last year, although all my marks were good, the lowest one was still substituted.

Kettle's boiled. Back to the grindstone...hmm

stressybint Sat 05-Apr-08 21:56:01

God that sounds just like me, my older ones (my DD & 2 Step-DC,) are watching Spiderman3 at the mo whilst 2 little 1's are in bed, DS is now 12 wks old and has JUST started going down to sleep in his own cot between 7 & 8pm so evenings are not quite so tied to the setee breastfeeding!! As much as I love breastfeeding it is a bind sometimes espec with a boy he's always so hungry, I'm stuck on Q5 can't seem to get my head round which functions I should be using.

I'm not sure if I want to teach Maths or Primary, I love the idea of teaching a subject I love but hate the idea of teaching stroppy teens (my pre-teen girls do my head in already!!) love the idea of teaching primary but hate the thought of having to be jack-of-all-subjects. Where in the country are you? Ideally will have the whole thing done & dusted in 4 years time just in time for DS to be starting school, Will have to see how it goess though, although not planning to have ANY more children mid course I think we are done & dusted children-wise, 5 between us is plenty, how many & how old are yours? hmm

readytoswiggin Sat 05-Apr-08 22:09:40

I'm not sure the hungryness is a boy thing, my ds and dd2 had/have it, but dd1 didn't, she prefers solidd grub. My dd3 has just read the manual and started stuffing her chops then sleeping it off between 7-8pm too, she's almost 6wks, so am plesantly surprised. ds is 4 in 2 wks and dd1 is 26mths. and my 4th child is the husband! I live near Oxford, it's about 20/25mins drive in clear traffic, with tutorials starting at 7 they just were not an option for me. Come to think of it, I'm not sure my tutor was aware that I've had a baby mid-course!

Ideally, I will have the degree done in 4 yrs time as well. If I did go into teaching like you I don't know which I'd prefer, the maths at secondary level is def more interesting. Having said that, my family might have expanded some more by then, if I get my way. For all that dh can be an arse, he does produce georgeous kids (I am biased though!)

Where are you? dc's ages?

stressybint Sat 05-Apr-08 22:28:28

DD1 is 10 1/2 DStep-D is also 10 1/2 (theres only 9 days between them!!) DStepS is 8 DD2 is 2 1/2 & DS is 12wks, agree about the husband mine just turned 39 and acts younger than DD2, she turned up at playgroup the other morning & when greeted by the lady who runs it said "hello, daddy's grumpy he's sulking", out of the mouths of babes!!!

I'm in Hereford, but my tutorials are in Worcester which is at least an hour from me so I've only been to 1 - that and the 1 I did go to it was all blokes & made me feel REALLY dumb & thinking am I doing the right course - unfortunately for me I'm a perfectionist & get really hacked off if I get less than 85-90%, I know I should cut myself some slack but that's not my way!! did you say you are suffering PND? I found the best way to help is to get out, playgroups friends or even just the garden, I suffered with DD1 luckily not the past 2 time but I've had so much more help & support since then.

We won't be expanding anymore hubby is not a big family fan so 5 really was pushing my luck (& he's been in for the snip now) the only way he'd have it re-done is if we won the lottery. So I make sure I put my £1 on every week now!!! My hubby works most evenings til about 10pm so I get to sit in peace usually.

Still trying to figure out Q5, better get back to it again.....after I've made a cuppa.... and put the big one's to bed...and expessed some milk for fatty arbuckle, what time do you go one til?

readytoswiggin Sat 05-Apr-08 22:45:14

<<<kettle's boiled for another coffee, and I'm still looking at the same activity!>>>

Depends when I give up iykwim. It's been awkward recently as dh has been out of work for the last 3 mths, and so lurking, but before then he was on earlies, so I could go till 11.30/12 depending how oftern I had to go upstairs. <<NB: Must take ds to the toilet in a mo!>>

The thought that the class might be domineated by men had occured to me, and put me off. apparently the retired ones are the worst cos they are always well ahead. I'm alos a bit of a perfectionist, but have had to learn to let go a little, and accept only 90% perfection. This last TMA was my lowest mark ever, 80%.

I had pnd after my second too, although I think this time it's less hormonal, and more everything else. I have a couple of toddler groups I go to, see a counsellor, and have a great gp & hv. Am very lucky in that respect. Dh and I are both from big families, and I would like more, just have to wait and see what else is thrown at us in the next few months.

lol @ fatty arbuckle, mine's become known as the goo monster, dd1 was stuck with plum from about 10 wks pg!

I must try and finish these bits, i have spent all evening looking at them... I will look in when the kettle's on again!

stressybint Sat 05-Apr-08 23:01:26

I had mine off work for about 6 month when DD2 was little, stress related illness ( yeah right, like as if men know what REAL stress is!!) DD2 seemed to potty train overnight after a long hard battle it was like a light switched & day & night she was dry, DD1 was done at nursery as I'd had to return t work after she was born. DH is still at work, had a phone call earlier that nothing was going to plan, so not expecting him home anytime soon, ALL DC in bed and miraculously a dairy milk AND a Mars bras have appeared on my desk, be rude not to eat them!!

Let me know how Chapter D is going.

readytoswiggin Sat 05-Apr-08 23:11:06

Chapter D!!! Ha ha, am about to start C3!!!

Ds potty trained in the day by himself virtually, it's the night time that is a bugger, he is very tired, and so unlikley to wake. AS it is, I was too late and he's in a puddlesad dd1 wants to, but isn't quite ready, I am going to wait until the summer anyway, can't keep up with the washing at the mo as it is.

dh doing a late tonight for the company he's beenm doing casual stuff for, won't be home for a couple of hours yet. He starts a new f/t job monday, I have forgotton what it feels like to know how much is coming in each week.

Am induling in my current bad habit, rich teas dunked in coffee. Not really good, as I can demolish a pack in one sittinggrin

stressybint Sat 05-Apr-08 23:52:04

Same here, I can eat ANYTHING, I keep using the B/F excuse.

Well that was an eventful 1/2 hr, just started typing & DS woke with an extremely smelly & overflowing nappy, so have had to change him too, must be because you wrote about it!! Just fed him & he's now grizling in his carrycot, as I can't be bothered to take him back upstairs.

Need more tea now, still no lccuk with Q5 am moving on to Q6 intead!!

readytoswiggin Sun 06-Apr-08 01:06:29

b/f is Great for that excuse! chocolate in my casse. The goo monster has goo'd her feed all over me and her, and had to be changed and fed again, shattered now!

Q5, iirc, on my rough I ended up dooing a little picture so I could get it all straight in my mind, I can look up the page for the formula tomorrow if you want.

stressybint Sun 06-Apr-08 01:31:38

Know the feeling, little fatty has only just gone back off to sleep, and I'm crackered now, but if I give up on this now it'll be mon night before I can sit down to it again, have to keep going, I have 'staying alive' on the telly behind me, well I dont' think I've ever seen such pants, although the film before on ITV3 with Tom Selleck was just as bad, but strangley enough it's got the same woman in, the blonde one from Dirty Dancing who was Johnnys proper partner before baby stepped in.

Now is that sad, or is considered cool, now that it's a hit musical (although I haven't seen it on stage)?

I guess not quite as sad as knowing some of the songs from High School Musical, & knowing the main characters names (both real & pretend) OMG!!!

stressybint Sun 06-Apr-08 02:01:32

better go now, as DH is home, better try & get some sleep, that would be great about your notes, if you wouldn't mind and anytime you need any help, shout me, I'll try & see if I can help espec with Mathcad.grin

I'll try & get DH to take ALL the DC out by himself tomorrow pm see if I can get some more done on this damned TMA

Speak soon x

readytoswiggin Sun 06-Apr-08 10:37:52

Ok, can't stay too long, the kids'll wreck the place!

For Q5, go to page 35 in the C2 book, for a: eqn 3.6, b: 3.1 and c: 3.2. I lost a mark on c for not resetting t to 0. HTH

Was just trying to look at the CMA for D, the 1st few are probability, didn't get any further, so fingers crossed it isn't as confusing as this integration.

Got snow hereshock, middle of the night when I was evicting ds to feed dd2 the sky was bright red, at first I thiought the next road was ablaze! dc's have been out, enjoyed, we're now on hot

stressybint Sun 06-Apr-08 16:06:16

Thanks for that , is you need anything just shout.

We had a smattering of snow, nothing that stuck tho grin

I'll be back on again tomorrow night so speak soon.

readytoswiggin Mon 14-Apr-08 02:19:25

Hey, How did the TMA go?

I decided to skip C3, went instead to the C block Q in TMA 04. Have done most of it but am struggling with a iii, I just don't get logs.

Still, it is about 1/4 of the TMA done in rough, can only be good, surelysmile Now I have to crack on with block D. need a stick of dynamite up my arse perhapsgrin

stressybint Thu 22-May-08 00:01:17

Hi there

was crap as predicted 44%, how about you? On the bright side I got 75% for CMA 41. TMA 04 going S-L-O-W-L-Y though, how about you?? I have done Q1 bar part d, but I don't think I can put, "because the logistical model is far too complicated for anyone to understand, and will probably not use it ever again in real life anyway", or do you think I might get some marks for that?? grin

ready4anothercoffee Sun 25-May-08 22:05:27

Hi again!

sad @44% for you.

I have done most of Q1 and Q3 for TMA 04, jus ahve to write out neatly, and do Q4 on the pc.

I do like your suggested answer, although I don't think you'd get any marks for itwink My method is to look in the text book and get the jist of what they want to hear, and waffle sounding intelligant!grin

Am off to write it out neatly in front of deaperate housewivesgrin

stressybint Tue 27-May-08 23:09:46

Oh god why me???????

Of all the sections covered 3 of the 4 questions cover not my greatest subjects, Q2 is poo & I can't seems to get past part a)i) and don't even get me started on Q3, that's what I got my shite 44% for differentiation, who the hell uses this outside in the REAL world??


ready4anothercoffee Tue 03-Jun-08 02:21:25

eeeugh, why do I end up leaving it all to the last minute?

Q3 is finished.
Q1 parts a & b are done. am stcuk on c.
Q4 is being done very slowly, the only way I can concentrate at the mo is by doing a little, then a little ironinghmm

Suspect Wed will see me loading the kids into the car to drive to Oxford and deliver the flipping thing by hand.

Sending you lots of good luck vibes. so long as you get 23/75{iirc} you'll passsmile

stuffitllama Tue 03-Jun-08 04:02:59

Good luck you guys, I did this last year.

Can't help with the Mathcad as I didn't use it at all, as it wasn't compatible with my Apple.

I know it's useful when you want to take a further maths course, but you can pass 121 without it.

ready4anothercoffee Tue 03-Jun-08 04:28:50

well, that's Q4 a&b done. will try and finish off tomorrow while ds is at nursery and cross my fingers that the RM are feeling efficiant!

lots of ironing donegrin

Hi stuffitllama, glad to know we're not the only daft people out there. saddo that I am, I will be taking the maths further, I do enjoy it, honesthmm

ready4anothercoffee Wed 04-Jun-08 12:41:40

Well that failed miserably!

Q 3 & 4 complete, Q1 c& d not done. Am giving up and will just submit what I have [pissed off with myself emoticon]

What about you, how are you doing?

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