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any student nurses/midwives here??

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sassybabee Sat 04-Dec-04 10:15:31

hi im currently on an access to nursing course and hopefully going onto midwiferey. just wanted to know how mums cope with the kids , in respect to them being off sick?? ive heard that as a student nurse you get 6 weeks holiday per year , and they allow 5 days for sickness /compassionate leave. what happens if you have no family and rely on childminders( who wont accept your child if they are sick?understandably!!)
you need to be at home with the kids if they are ill, so if you go over these 5 days , do they kick you off the course??
sorry major panic, as im going have to rely on childminders as i have no family to help!!
should be really worrying bout my exams on mon and fri thou,lol!! just cant get it all to stick in me brain!
had no time to revise properly, but even when i stick down and start revising i get a whopping headache, so have to quit!!
anyone else on an access course doing exams this week???
sammie xx

tiredemma Sat 04-Dec-04 10:49:09

hi, im also on an access course to do the same thing! ( where are you doing yours?)
cant answer an of your q's im afraid, ill just cross that bridge when i come to it, but i do know that when you go for interviews that theyb will ask you if you have sufficent childcare.
best person will be chloeb, shes a student nurse and often comes on here, so hopefully she will see this and be able to answer any q's.
im just revising for my physiology exam - aargh!!
are you enjoying the course??

sassybabee Sat 04-Dec-04 10:56:21

yeah im enjoying it 2nd time around,lol!!( started last sept but quit in feb, as kids werent sleeping and i got soo far behind!)
i have got a better view on things and understand a bit more this year! ( although me sitting and not mucking about like the rest is making me and my friend look like swots/teachers pets,lol! but i know if i muck about i dont learn anything!
finding biology very hard going( bloody saccarides and what nots,lol!) got biology exam on mon!
im doing me access in cambs, where are you??

tiredemma Sat 04-Dec-04 11:12:29

im at sutton college in b.ham- hoping to go to UCE or wolverhampton unis.
seriously considering adult nursing now though, then midwifery if i still want to do it after 3 years, leaving my options open for the time being.

sassybabee Sat 04-Dec-04 11:16:04

thats what i thought last year, but dont that mean you have to do work placements with old people??( nowt against old people ,just not my kinda job!)
wouold you mind if i emailed you? keep in touch - bit of moral support??

tiredemma Sat 04-Dec-04 11:23:39

no, that would be great its
have you been on this website \link{\)
its a really good website and you will gets LOADS of info off there.
about the old people bit - we were having a discussion about different types of nursing on this board a few days ago and someone who works on an elderly ward said that the way they look at it is- that old man was once "mummys little boy" etc and that made me changed my view i suppose, plus i do know someone who used to work in a hospital with the elderly and they said how sad it was that most of them are left alone and how he loved to chat to them about thier younger lives etc- food for thought!

tiredemma Sat 04-Dec-04 11:24:23

sorry can do links but basically its uk
it has a message forum with everything on it

sassybabee Sat 04-Dec-04 11:27:28

yeah i know. i got offered a job on an elderly ward, saw the way they man handled an old lady,which i thought was disgusting. they also were shouting at her, which i saw no need for them to do( the woman wasnt deaf, and could fully understand what they were saying!) thus, i never took the job!
havent had a look at that website , shall take a peek in a min!
shall mail you!! sammie xx

Donbean Sat 04-Dec-04 12:36:39

Hi, id just like to say that i think that it is awful you having to worry about what happens to you if your children are ill. You have enough to worry about with your study etc.
If it makes you feel any better, where i work,if students are on placement and thier babies get poorly, then we have no problems whatso ever with students going off to care for them. This is because we all understand having been in that position ourselves and having children as priority over work.
I know that not every where will be like that but dont feel bad for doing what is right for you. Just think of all those that skive off for no good reason, they dont feel guilty at all.
Good luck to the two of you.

JennisaurusUnderTheMistletoe Sat 04-Dec-04 15:55:05

The ward I work on is fine when student nurses need to take time off to look after their children when they are sick. I think there has only been one student that queries about her attendance rates have been queried over and she was taking nearly one day off a week at one point!

I hope to start an adult nursing diploma in Sept 2005, but currently work as a HCA so not really a student mum as I did my NVQ etc through work. When I qualify I am considering going into elderly care, I worked with the elderly for 7 years and loved it. Its not at all what you expect IME, but if you do an adult nursing course you will definately need to work at some point with the elderly.

Butting out now!

NoMoomAtTheInn Sat 04-Dec-04 17:02:37

Hi sassybabee - I've seen your posts on Student Midwives Sanctuary! I am on there under under the 'hilarious' name of muckypup

I'm in the midst of applying and waiting for offers (hmmmm) Drop me a line anytime if you want to chat!

chloeb2002 Sat 04-Dec-04 20:46:32

Hello chloe b has popped her head up from the pile of books before a safe nursing pactice exam next week....ahhhhh...anyway this is my time out so here goes. I think leave varies from uni to uni? Im at York uni doing dip nursing ... as ive said before for financial reasons, i have friends doing the degree and the work is the same. I have opted for advanced credits tho.. yes mug. anyway on my course, we get 6 days or 12 1/2 days of opt outs. so in other words we can just call in and say we aint coiming in and it classes as an approved absence. We also get carers leave for dependant children and adults. for example DD had an appointment with the peads on thursday so i told my supervisor at uni and she noted it in advance and i called it in on the thursday as a carers leave day... if it was an appointment for me it would have been a sick day or opt out... makes sense? you have to achieve above 80% attendance in both practical and theory to pass and register. When you register the uni are asjed for an academic reference that contains your approved and unapproved absences..... unapproved are very bad! which ,means that you didnt bother to call student services and say you were not coming in. therefore went AWOL.
we get one study day per placement and number of hours on placement seem to depend on where you are placed. My placement starts on the 13th and is for 10 weeks with 2 weeks annual leave over xmas, doing 27 hours per week. some do up to 37...some do 20.. 20 i think is the min to get enough hours and still pass.
onto another point raised... as ive saud before my first choice was midwifery and is still something i want to do. The offer i got i couldnt take and decided that the bursary for the diploma is too tempting rather than debt of a degree. so i too have a phobia of what i would class as old dead people.... my biggest reason for not doing nursing was old dead people..... so guess what my supervisor has given me as my first placement... oh yeah.. elderly re hab... i add at this point she is a dual trained midwife and nurse... her reason when i arrived very white at her door....
well, i want you to understand the big picture, life span continum, and look beyond the skin. that elderly person is a person whose daughter or granddaughter may be having a baby tommorow, they may be in the delivery suite or visiting on the ward, or even live in as part of an extended family. You as a future midwife may be asked about DGM's memory lapses or medication. As a dual trained nurse midwife you will be both confiodent and competent at answering those concerns but in doing so will help new mum feel more relaxed. put this way i now feel really keen to meet these new people.
I have a poem to add to this but it will take a while to print. When i spoke to my sister at my first placement she told me i was not alone of being scared of old people and to read it... trust me it is fab and i cried....
to follow ...

chloeb2002 Sat 04-Dec-04 21:07:19

What do you see nurse
What do you see?
Are you thinking
When you look at me,
A crabbit old woman
not very wise,
Uncertain of habit
with far away eyes,
Who dribbles her food
and makes no reply,
When you say in a loud voice
'i do whish you'd try'
Who seems not to notice
the things that you do,
and forever is losing
a stocking or a shoe,
Who unresisting or not
lets you do as you will
with bathing and feeding
the long day you fill,
Is that what you are thinking,
is that what you see?
Then open your eyes nurse,
your not looking at me.
Ill tell you who I am
as I sit so still,
I'm a small child of ten
with a father of and mother,
Brothers and sisters who love one another,
A young girl of sixteen
with wings on her feet,
Dreaming that soon now
a lover she'll meet;
A brised soon at twenty,
my heart gives a leap,
remembering the vows
that i promised to keep;
At 25 now
I have young of my own
Who need me to build
a secure happy home.
A young woman of 30
my young grown fast,
Bound to each other
with ties that should last;
At 40 my young ones
now grown will soon be gone,
But my man stays beside me
to see i dont mourn;
At 50 once more
babies play round my knee,
again we know children
my loved one and me,
my husband is dead,
I look to the future
I shudder with dread,
For all my young are busy
rearing ypung of their own,
I think of the years
and the love I have known.
Im an old woman now
and nature is cruel,
'Tis her jest to make #old age look like a fool.
The body crumbles,
Grave vigour depart,
There now is a stone
where once i had a heart;
But inside this old carcase
a young girl still dwells,
and now and again
my battered heart swells,
I remember the joys
I remember the pain
And im loving and living
life over again,
I think of the years
all too few- gone too fast,
and accept the stark fact
that nothing can last.
So open your eyes nurses
open and see
not a crabbit old woman
look closer... see me

Kate the writer of this poem was unable to speak, but was occasionally seen to write. After her death, her locker was emptied and this peom was found.
I hope this may cahnge someones idea of aged care. I know for one it made me review my opinions. I still dont think it will be my speciatlity but i feel i can learn alot...

NoMoomAtTheInn Sat 04-Dec-04 22:06:26

Chloe, I remember my mum having a copy of that poem. She was an SRN (as they used to be called!) and then a nursing home Sister. Nursing doesn't appeal to me at all but you are right that we can have funny attitudes to elderly care and sometimes it does us good to look past the 'old person' and just see the 'person'.

FlosstyTheSnowman Sat 04-Dec-04 22:33:45

Just to help reassure, i qualified in 2002 and time off sick wasn't that strict on my course. I was a typical 18 yr old and missed many lectures I am sure! They are stricter with placements, but where i was it was worked out to see if you had completed enough hours at the end of your training. So some flexability there, you could ask placement (if they are nice), when you ring in with why you won't be in if you could swap days etc so that your hours aren't that affected. Also where I was if you didn't have enough hours at the end of training all it meant that you would have to make them up at a placement. Didn't mean at all that you will fail. After all, you will have worked hard for three years and they will have spent a lot of money getting you there. There are government targets to meet and they are as keen as you really to make sure you pass! HTH.

tiredemma Sun 05-Dec-04 18:44:37

that poem is lovely chloe, sat here blarting my eyes out!

mikeyjon Mon 06-Dec-04 17:39:56

sassybabee - i'm doing the access to health course and am decidind wether to go for the nursing or midwifery at uni. would love to go straight to midwifery but have heard that its harder to get into. have a 2 year old and an 8 month old and am already struggling with work load......

sassybabee Mon 06-Dec-04 21:16:19

yeah well 250 people applied for midwiferey for 50 places!

plus i flunked my biology exam today, soo not very happy with meself at mo!

NoMoomAtTheInn Mon 06-Dec-04 21:43:07

Sassy that's nothing - try 700 applications for 30 places (King's, one of my choices)

Sorry to hear about your exam. Can you retake?

Awenamanger Mon 06-Dec-04 22:12:07

Hi there I am a 2nd year student nurse and just wanted to reassure you that the course is really supportive of mums and dads. If there is a problem with childcare on placement the wards are relly good and give you that time, you do need to make that time up tho only because in the regulations you need to have completed a certain amount of practice hours.

I am stresse=ing tbh because I have a 4000 essay due in tomorrow and I still have a bit more to do on it and referencing as well.. But.. I felt this way in year 1 and got through. All I think is that in 2 years I will be a qualified nurse Makes it worth while.

Chloe that poem was lovely. I have done 2 elderly care placements and the patients were wonderful (extremely demented and some very frightened people) most of the staff did their best but some were not so good. I remember one carer who got really cross because I refused just to shovel food in this mans mouth. He was fidning it hard ot eat but I allowed him to take the time he needed, taking cues from him by the slight of his hand. He was so lovely but this carer didnt see him.. she saw her cigarette break.

I dont want to work in elderly care tho, or that is my view right now. THe reason is cos of the piss and poo (if that was the reason I wouldnt have had babies or want more ) It is the mortality issue, where i was working, the patients were mainly admited to die.

sassybabee Tue 07-Dec-04 08:08:25

yep can retake again. the tutor said we would have to retake b4 we pack up for crimbo( so b4 next fri!!) i presumme she will mark the exam over the weekend!!)

Awenamanger Tue 07-Dec-04 17:20:35

HI all Glad to here you can re-take

I am lots less stressed essay now in so not thinking about it at all anymore till i get results.

Got another one tho 2000 reflective from practice and my nights start gain tonight on my placement. Got al the competencies to fill out too.!!

I just wanted to say again how pleased I am to find other medical students and trained on here

NoMoomAtTheInn Fri 10-Dec-04 14:56:28

Aargh. Today is the day I'm supposed to find out whether I've got a midwifery place at Univ of Surrey. I've just rung them (hands were shaking!) to be told 'Oh, we haven't decided yet. You can ring back later today, or Monday if you like.'

FFS! It's 3pm on a Friday! If they haven't decided by now... There's no way I can get through the whole weekend. Just needed to vent!

Donbean Fri 10-Dec-04 15:19:46

You know, these people who mistreat and are down right cruel to patients give us such a bad name and it makes my blood boil. Personally i have no qualms whatsoever in pulling up some one i feel is acting innapropriately towards a patient. As the patients advocate i feel that we are best placed to offer them the best care that we can, it absolutely APAULS me reading some of the experiences that you have had.
Admittedly, ive been qualified for 14 years and so have the confidence to approach these pilloks, i understand that you as students are in a very very difficult position.
My point though is please dont think that this is the norm and is happening every where because it doesn't.
People who i work with and have come across through out my career are some of the kindest most gentle people that i have ever had the good fortune to meet.

nailpolish Fri 10-Dec-04 15:20:48

here here donbean

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