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NCT Antenatal Teacher Training - anyone else doing it?

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LoveAngel Fri 18-Jan-08 14:07:05

I've decided I want to do this - a real career change for me! - and am really excited about it. However, I am slightly put off by the way the NCT are dealing with me- taking ages to return emails and phone calls & generally being really, really slow about everything. It's at every level - Head Office, local branch, tutor. Argh! maybe I should have posted this in AIBU? {smile]

LoveAngel Fri 18-Jan-08 16:09:52


3andnomore Sun 20-Jan-08 10:57:27

Lol..I did consider it, but then decided to pursue OT and as that will be full way I could do anything else on top.
You got to remember that a lot of NCT people are volunteers though...

Are you a member of the NCT already?

jofeb04 Mon 21-Jan-08 18:23:50

I am a trainee ANT.

LoveAngel, just keep on contacting them. I find that HO works better when under stress!!!

LoveAngel Wed 23-Jan-08 18:23:49

Hi jofeb04 - how are you finding it? I'm still trying to sort out my application...

jofeb04 Thu 24-Jan-08 10:17:16

I'm really enjoying it. Just had my weekend away, so feeling really motivated to do some work!
It takes time to get through all the paperwork, but once your on the course, I am sure you will love it.

Where abouts do you live, just seeing if we are going to be with the same tutor!

herbiemom Thu 24-Jan-08 11:06:36

Hi! I recently started this training and so far am loving it. Do keep persevering - the initial paperwork and getting started is all a bit of a PITA but once you get going everyone is very supportive.

My main problem is finding the time as I work 3 days a week and have 2 DC so fitting some study time into the week is no easy thing. It's a great course though as you can do it in your own time, at your own pace and the monthly tutorials you attend are just great. You get to meet other students, all at different stages and their advice and support is really confidence-boosting and inspiring. Good luck if you do decide to go for it.

LoveAngel Thu 24-Jan-08 13:49:05

Thanks for your replies. I've finally managed to get hold of a tutor with space in her class and am due to speak to her later today :-) I'm in London, but my tutor group will be in Herts.

ihateironing Sat 02-Feb-08 17:44:38

im doing my training have been for bout 2 years now

NellieVic Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:45


I'm also hoping to start the course. I have an interview with the tutor next week.

What are people's thoughts on the course so far? I'm quite excited to hear as much as possible about the course.

Also, once you've been given the ok by the tutor, how long did it take you to actually get started?

AnnieBellyB Sun 18-May-08 21:21:13


This is my first post and here I am, supporting the NCT already!!

I have just qualified as an NCT antenatal teacher and start teaching next month. grin

The NCT IS slow, particulary when processing paperwork, which you will find at all stages of your training, but as someone has already suggested, if you keep on at them, you will get there eventually!

If anyone wants to pick my brains re the training, just ask.

Good luck with your training.


needahand Wed 21-Jan-09 21:42:12

Hello ladies I thought I would revive this thread as I too would like to start this course (I have just sent the e-mail to request the pack).

Can I just ask you how the course is set up? Is it evening classes and weekends and some homeworking or is it more intensive? I am asking because I work full time and have two DCs, am I overambitious? (I am used to studying and absolutely passionate about pregnancy childbirth etc so it wouldn't feel like a chore.

Any advice, feedback, stories about your experience would be massively appreciated

needahand Thu 22-Jan-09 09:33:52

I am very excited. I have already received the information pack this morning and I only requested it yesterday

needahand Thu 22-Jan-09 15:17:24


frowner Thu 05-Feb-09 13:40:02

I am extremely interested too, is it hard to get a place and when are tutorials etc weekends evenings or midweek? many thanks

lamps Wed 29-Apr-09 11:43:37


I've just started the Antenatal Course with the nct.

Can anyone recommend some good books that they found very helpful on the essay writing for the course.

Also any other books that they have found they could not have done without.

Many thanks

studentBFC Mon 04-May-09 15:54:12

hi #lamps#

dont know if this will help you, im currently a NCT student breast feeing counsellor so i know we not looking at the same books, but im reading one at the moment which is fantastic, i truly reccomend it!!!

Mary Kroeger
impact of birthing practices on breastfeeding (fab!!)

also another book i love(and if you get the chance to go on her study day grab it!!!!)

Margot Sunderland
what every parent should know--formally the science of parenting

good luck with your course, im about 7 months into mine and loving it!!xxxx

BranchingOut Thu 02-Jun-11 13:47:45

Hi, just bumping up this thread out of interest.

If you were training, are you now working as antenatal teachers? How is it going?


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