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DSE 212 important question... pleae help...

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juicychops Sat 03-Nov-07 07:02:02

Where on earth is the BPS code of ethics and conduct on the course website? i cant find it for the first TMA

ScotsBird Sun 04-Nov-07 22:45:11

Hi juicychops, i am no longer an OU student (graduated this year - woohoo!) so can't access the ou student pages, but have found the BPS code of ethics on the BPS website. Here goes: .cfm

I hope this is not only what you were looking for, but also that it works!

Good luck with your TMA!

Yorkshirepudding Mon 05-Nov-07 10:12:24

Message withdrawn

juicychops Mon 05-Nov-07 12:49:25

Hi Yorkshirepudding. Not even started my TMA yet! bit behind with the studying. Struggling at the moment with disaplining myself to study.

Ive just printed out the code of ethics and conduct at work as my printer at home has run out of ink. Going to work on the questions on that first to get them out of the way and then work on the essay.

i cant decide which methods to use for my TMA either.

How about you? How are you getting on with the TMA? Please dont make me feel bad by saying you have finished it all!! grin

Yorkshirepudding Mon 05-Nov-07 14:52:43

Message withdrawn

juicychops Fri 09-Nov-07 09:37:38

hi Yorkshirepudding how is the TMA coming? Last night i di the first of the 3 ethics questions... and thats it! my dp came round and i lost all concentration.

Not going to bed tonight until i have done the other 2 questions and then tomorrow i will spend the day and night doing the essay and hopefully finishing most of it!

Cant believe im struggling already and its only the first one! need to pull my finger out!!

Yorkshirepudding Tue 13-Nov-07 22:00:13

Message withdrawn

juicychops Sun 18-Nov-07 13:58:00

I finished it on Wednesday thank god. Got on ok with it i think (I hope)

been having a rest for a few days. going to start reading through the next bit tomorrow

Yorkshirepudding Sun 18-Nov-07 13:59:41

Message withdrawn

juicychops Fri 23-Nov-07 14:41:36

woohoo got 71 - C+

Im pleased with that for my first TMA! [happy]

How did you do Yorkshirepudding?

Yorkshirepudding Fri 23-Nov-07 15:17:05

Message withdrawn

juicychops Fri 30-Nov-07 16:12:12

god im so so behind!! only just realised we've gotta read the WHOLE of the first book and first 3 chapters of the methods book before the 2nd TMA

Thought we only had to read chapter 2!!

God god god, i need to pull my finger out big time!

How you been doing Yorkshire?

yorkshirepudding Mon 03-Dec-07 09:38:55

Message withdrawn

juicychops Sun 09-Dec-07 11:59:42

Hiya i hope you have your results by now. so behind!!

yorkshirepudding Mon 10-Dec-07 17:19:25

Message withdrawn

juicychops Tue 11-Dec-07 13:00:35

Thats not very good! im sure they shouldn't take all that time to mark and email or send back

Im only on chapter 3. Finding it extremely hard to understand the conditioning stuff.

Not even started to make my way through the methods books yet!

gunna get all the reading done by xmas then concentrate on TMA after xmas. Hopefully il manage it all

yorkshirepudding Mon 17-Dec-07 09:30:16

Message withdrawn

juicychops Wed 26-Dec-07 20:41:43

Hiya Ypudding that brilliant news on your results well done!! smile

not really had much contact with my tutor as i dont go to tutorials but he seems ok

very behind on the reading but i think i have read enough to do the first of the 2 essay questions. but still got to read the methods stuff to answer the 2nd part of the TMA.

bit worried about the 3rd TMA too it looks a bit daunting!

juicychops Sat 05-Jan-08 13:15:12

hiya yorkshirepudding how you or anyone else doin DSE212 TMA2 getting on?

Ive still not read the first few chapters of methods book but been skipping through to the bits i need to complete the questions.

also behind on the reading but have read enough be able to do the TMA. Just got to tidy it up and finish the conclusion

yorkshirepudding Wed 09-Jan-08 13:20:42

Message withdrawn

juicychops Thu 10-Jan-08 17:17:51

i did the essay on selection and theory of mind as i haven't finished all the reading for the other essay question where im so behind!

i think i did ok on the questions too but overall i dont think i have done as well as on TMA 2.

Got to catch up on all the reading now before i can attempt TMA3. It looks a bit daunting though

i got another book and exam booklet through the post yesterday too. The exam looks quite difficult too!
The list of psychological terms that you have to know what they mean i will find difficult to remember. and then there are 3 essays on top of that in 3 hours!!

juicychops Thu 10-Jan-08 17:18:38

i meant to say i dont think i have done as well on TMA2 as on TMA1

juicychops Sat 12-Jan-08 21:01:30

woohoo got B- 73/100. so an improvement on the last one

how did you get on? hopefully you will get your results a lot quicker this time than you did last time

yorkshirepudding Mon 14-Jan-08 15:59:40

Message withdrawn

yorkshirepudding Wed 23-Jan-08 15:16:47

Message withdrawn

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