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Why is my student loan and chidcare grant not through yet?

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Katiekins83 Sun 23-Sep-07 20:37:47

just started back onto my 2nd year ( forensic science and psychology)after taking time out after my son was born last october... uni told me it would all be cleared by thurs and its still not in the bank... and my childcare fees where due last week! anyone else had this problem? and has anyone else done te same thing... feeel very strange returning with people who are so much younger than me!

Acinonyx Tue 25-Sep-07 14:29:22

I have had this kind of problem and I just got an email today saying the money had been paid and I'm waiting for it to clear. It never seems to be quite on the day you expect but do keep on top of it as I have found mix ups to be common with those of us taking time out. I ranted to the admin office about having nursery fees to pay - hope you get yours soon. Jill

Katiekins83 Thu 27-Sep-07 11:45:17

Thanx will keep on at them! they have now reduced my payment by £1000 a term as they said they overpaid me last year, yet i was told that i couldnt have income support as they had paid me the loan! I just cant win! now i have just enough money ever week to cover my rent... and dont no what to do! HELP!!!!!

choosyfloosy Thu 27-Sep-07 11:49:59

[gulp] am starting next week, first year speech and language therapy. Was hoping all would be well! ring up and prod them, this often very productive?

does everyone seem about 12? I'm 38 and kind of dreading being the Ancient Mariner there.

Acinonyx Thu 27-Sep-07 21:44:35

That seems a bit unreasonable - obviously you won't have that money now and it's not your fault if they made the error.

Choosy - a very good friend of mine went back to do speech and lang at 36. She did really well and made some good friends - there were some other mature students but yes, they were mainly much younger.

I was 39 went I went back for an MPhil, I'm now 45 and just finishing a PhD and I really do feel ancient compared to the vast majority of other grad students - where a 25 yr-old is considered 'mature'! Boy - I wish I could be 'just' 38 again..... Jill

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