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Advice please- dissertation manager / conflict of interests- how to proceed?

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Peachy Wed 12-Sep-07 10:41:29


OK some background: it seems that my Son has probably lost his place at the local faith school as they don't want to care for his SN. taht's all with the IPSEA solicitors LEa to sort out and being handled there, however key in this is the Head of governors.

however, this chap is also one of the two Dissertation amangers I can be assigned this year- myy subject being Christianity based (Role of christianity in slavery from its inception to abolition).

Now, I REALLY do not feel I will be comfortable with this chap, how can I expect him to be on my side for help etc when one day I am bringing in a legal team against his Governing Body, the next he's supposedly an Advisor?

There are two otehr lecturers who could fill the role, how can I go about aranging for one of them to cover it, whilst setting as few cats amongst pigeons as necessary? Also, one of these two potential managers lives next door (moved in a year ago), we have no social contact but is that why I got Governor X in the first place- is that an issue?

LilyLoo Wed 12-Sep-07 10:44:26

Hmm tough one Peachy. Have you spoken to the university about this. I am sure the lecturer would feel the same as you r/e conflict of interests. I am sure he would be professional but don't think the university would mind about you requiring a different advisor r/e circumstances.
I'm not sure about the living next door though, can't see why it would be an issue ?

Peachy Wed 12-Sep-07 10:46:12

I shouldn't think chap next door would mind either, just wondered.

head of governors doesn't know he ahs gfgot me yet- my proposal isn't with him until the end of the month. he'll know on sight though, due to unusual surname.

LilyLoo Wed 12-Sep-07 10:47:45

I would speak to the university then and explain the situation, they could probably change it before he knows then ?

Peachy Wed 12-Sep-07 10:48:19

OK, will do- thanks smile

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