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Open University question!

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pinkystinky Mon 10-Sep-07 08:34:41

Can you complete in less time than they give you to complete the course?

tjacksonpfc Mon 10-Sep-07 09:05:46

i dont know im starting an ou course in october that will take 9 months ive never done one before have you?

chopster Mon 10-Sep-07 09:27:25

it's a bit difficult to, because most of the courses I've done, they send out the books in two batches, so you can't start the second half until half way through.

You can try to get the work done a bit sooner, but tutors wont mark tmas too much earlier than the cut off date, or if it is electronic submission, the system won't accept it too far ahead.

I try to get a bit ahead to give me more time to revise for the exam at the end.

ShinyHappySchmooo Mon 10-Sep-07 09:35:08

Yes, you can do the assignments at whatever rate you like, but the tutors won't mark them until after the cut off date!

Respect to you!! Mine typically get sent (via eTMA thank the Lord for it's existance!) at 3 minutes to midnight on cut off day!!

slalomsuki Mon 10-Sep-07 09:37:47

It depends on the course. I did a language one and they sent out all the books etc at the start so you could work through it at your own pace as long as the assignmnets went in by the cut off date. I handed most of mine in early to try to get them out of the way fro school holidays etc and the tutor hung on to them for me.

Good Luck

pinkystinky Mon 10-Sep-07 09:46:07

TJACKSONPFC- This is my first course with them , so dont know how it all works!

Im doing Diabetes care starting end of sept, and human biology in November!

So you can do as much as you can , but cant submit it before cut off date yes?

Just decided time to get some qualifications , worried i cant do it,and not brainy enough,lol! Got four kids( youngest 14 months and determined to get somewhere in my life!)

Thanks everyone for the advice!

tjacksonpfc Mon 10-Sep-07 11:00:00

pinky im doing introducing health sciences starting in october im waiting for all my books to be sent out theres 7 text bookx one for each topic im covering not to mention the dvdsroms. im nervous about how i will cope as i have a 3yr old dd just started nursery in the afternoons and a ds whos 2 next month plus i work in the school cleaning from 4-6pm everynight we wil have to have an ou support thread i think

tjacksonpfc Mon 10-Sep-07 17:58:47

well the first batch of course material turned up today 3 lots to go. my induction week starts the 29th sept

nimnom Tue 11-Sep-07 14:44:15

Agree with chopster. But there's nothing wrong with working ahead and just sending in tma's as cut off date comes around.
Every year I say I'll work ahead of timetable but never quite manage it.I'm a bit like shinyhappschmoo always posting off at v.last minute (no etma for maths!). I've even had to post through tutors door on actual cutoff date once! So organised!!

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