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So, who else has OU exam/s in Oct?

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ETsmum Sun 09-Sep-07 12:56:09

I have mine for the new course Youth, Prespectives and Practice on the 12th and am starting to get jittery Just hope that I manage to remember some stuff in these last few comprehension isn't too bad, but my brain is like a sieve!

Good luck to all in the same boat

prettypurpledaisy Sun 09-Sep-07 21:16:44

yes i have an exam for a217 introduction to world religions and i am beginning to panic. good luck to you too i am sure you will be fine

RosaLuxembourg Mon 10-Sep-07 00:37:32

Me - for A200 European History 1400-1900.
One more TMA to go and then I can revise.
I am quite stupefyingly scared.

Mars Mon 10-Sep-07 00:52:05

No exam but 2 ECAs (end of course assignments)!

Done my final TMAs just got to write the ECAs now and for the French I have to do a compulsory tutorial gulp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETsmum Mon 10-Sep-07 13:37:03

Prettypurpledaisy - your thread was the one which made me think to start this Have you done may other OU courses or is this your 1st? I started in 2000 and should finish next year - the beauty of taking your time over things!

RosaLuxemboury - that sounds like a rally heavy course, don't envy you I imagine there are A LOT of facts and dates to learn?

Mars, oh if only I could have found courses that appealed with ECA's instead of exams. Know that they are not easy, but it takes the pressure off revising. The compulsory tutorial for your French sounds pretty daunting? (Haven't done any French since school though).

potoroo Mon 10-Sep-07 14:04:22

I have an assignment due this week and the last one (timed) due in 3 weeks. And a baby due in 2 weeks.

I would be scared but I am in that hormonal state of calm right now...

TellusMater Mon 10-Sep-07 14:06:28


DD303 Cognitive Psychology.

One more TMA to do...

ETsmum Mon 10-Sep-07 21:27:52

Potoroo shock I am glad for you that you are feeling calm and hormonal....I only remember freeling highly strung! Well done for manageing to carry on through your pg - I was planning on studying through mine and beyond but cancelled that year's courses as I just felt so sick and tired. Did find studying a great distraction after the birth though and helped me get my sanity back! Good luck and hoping for you that your dc and the assignment come in the best order for you

TellusMater - will think of you on the 18th, sounds heavy but fascinating. Were there course you had to do at levels 1 & 2 to have the knowledge to do this one? Have you "enjoyed" it? Storing up ideas for future courses....

nimnom Tue 11-Sep-07 14:34:46

I have MST209, Maths exam on 11th October & I'm still struggling with last 2!!!! assignments. I'm sure they think we're superhuman.
Well done potoroo. I carried on through my last pregnancy (ds2 was 2 at end of August)
That year it all went a bit to pot but I managed to pass .I needed a cushion for the 3 hour exam when ds2 was 7 weeks old but when the invigilators(2 old ladies) found out why they kept asking me if I was alright and if I needed anything!
Good luck with everything for the rest of the year. smile

potoroo Wed 12-Sep-07 01:36:14

Thanks. I'm not sure how good my last TMAs are going to be... but my tutor is very understanding

ShinyHappySchmooo Wed 12-Sep-07 21:31:04

ET I'm starting that one in Feb My first level 3.. is it yours?

ETsmum Sat 15-Sep-07 19:45:00

Hi ShinyHappySchmooo (and sorry for the delay!)

Yes, KE308 is my 1st level 3 - following on from Childhood (U212) which I did last year. Have found it a really good course personally, and I think a lot of others seem to agree. Think there were some probs at least initially, with some tutors taking ages to return TMA's etc, but mine has always been excellent What other courses have you done with the OU?

I am going on to do K260 (Death and Dying) in Oct (starts a week before my KE308 exam) and then KE312 I think is called Working Together for Childern in Feb 08. THEN I will have a degree

ShinyHappySchmooo Sat 15-Sep-07 19:51:53


I did DD121 and DD122 in my first year and a bit.. (Intros to Social Sciences) followed by U212 .. and then K204 (Working with children and families).

What do you want to use your degree for? I started off very uncertain choosing the Soc Sciences courses purely because it didn't have an exam (!).. but now I know I want to work with/for children and families.. probably concerning disability in some way. (I have a disabled 7 year old). Have been mulling over a social worker role - which I was very sure I didn't want to do initially - but now I dont know. Although I am doing the "wrong" degree to lead directly into social work obviously... so we shall see!

It's a long old slog, 6 year isn't it. Makes going to uni and doing it in 3 seem such a easier option sometimes!

OldieMum Sat 15-Sep-07 19:56:17

I have DSE212 (Psychology) on the 8th.

ETsmum Sun 16-Sep-07 10:04:34

Oldiemum how have you found DSE212? And good luck for the exam

ShinyHappyScmooo, interesting that you are thingking about social work as that's waht;s in the back of my mind! Would be another few years hard slog though and not really sure if I want to do it....have been with the OU since 2001 (I was wrong before!) and loking forward to doing a few more "fun" things. The only way I could do SW here in Guernsey is to get a job where all the training would be funded.....not really realistic to move to the UK mainland to do a course.

So in answer to your question, not really sure what I'm going to do with my degree. When I first started I had teaching in mind (would have had to choos different courses though). But that really doesn't appeal now anyway. I think what I want at the mo from it is to finish and to feel that sense of achievement that I have done it

Know what you meant re possibly a "brick" uni degree haveing quicker to get out of the way, but I don't think I have any regrets with the OU. Theres the living on an island thing, working and earning while studying, fitting study around ds etc.

Do you have in mind what else you might do at level 3, and do you have any other courses to do before you can get your degree (think I counted 240 points?)

ETsmum Sun 16-Sep-07 11:07:26

Just a thought ShinyHappySchmooo - if you want to borrow my KE308 books/DVD's after the exam you would be more than welcome

ShinyHappySchmooo Mon 17-Sep-07 08:45:25

Thank you ET.. sorry, missed that! I can't think past exam at moment (with good reason.. need to do so much revision still!) but that's a great offer I will probably take you up on. Thank you.

lilibet Mon 17-Sep-07 08:47:45

I'm another A217 on the 10th Inroducing Religions.

I'm thinking of doing the European History one next year [mad emoticon]

Yorkshirepudding Mon 17-Sep-07 13:22:33

Message withdrawn

Yorkshirepudding Mon 17-Sep-07 13:23:18

Message withdrawn

PollyLogos Mon 17-Sep-07 14:24:08

I've got my U212 exam 17th October. Although i get stressed about the TMA's I do enjoy them but these exams..... I find it so hard to buckle down to revision and even harder to remember anything! However I have enjoyed this course immensely and am vaguely hoping that quite a bit has sunk in along the way!

ShinyHappySchmooo Mon 17-Sep-07 14:25:59

I seem to rememeber of U212 from last year than I do of K204 from this year.. which is a bit of a worry re my exam next month! shock

PollyLogos Mon 17-Sep-07 14:26:48

Do you want to come and sit it for me?????grin

ShinyHappySchmooo Mon 17-Sep-07 14:27:35

Only if you'll do the same for me..

TellusMater Mon 17-Sep-07 14:27:59

Oooh - sorry didn't get back to this one.

Did DSE212 two years ago, ED209 and SD226 last year.

I'm not loving this course, but will be doing social psychology next year, and am looking forward to that.

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