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how long until student finance pay for the nursery?

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nia83 Tue 04-Sep-07 22:25:09

hi everyone my daughter started nursery on monday first time.i am going into full time education(university)from 17 of september and was relying on the tax credits to pay the fees but since i am working only 15 hours a week now they stopped the working tax credit so no money for i have to apply for the university student finance to pay the nursery but they are already asking for the money.getting a bit worried now cause it might take a while until a get the money from student finance.anyone with similar problem?

Alambil Thu 06-Sep-07 20:52:21

they should put it in with your student loan payment

speak to the nursery manager - ask if you can pay in lump sums (you should get 3 over the yr).

My ds's nursery let me pay termly rather than monthly as that was easiest with my loans coming in

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