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OU Computer Grant

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auntysocial Thu 23-Aug-07 19:56:13

I recieved a letter this morning telling me that I am eligable for a "computer grant" which will give me £250 towards the cost of a new PC as well as £250 study grant which I can also use for a PC meaning I could go into a computer shop and buy a new PC with grants from the OU...

Have I got this wrong somewhere? it seems very "generous" of them...

thegirlwithnoname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:56:29

There doesn't seem a lot extra to say really, just wow.

ShinyHappySchmooo Thu 23-Aug-07 23:59:25

Yes it exists. If you are entitled to your course fees paid, you are entitled to a grant..(£250 per year).. if you are entitled to a grant you are entitled to use it, plus another £250 to buy a new pc (you have to send the OU the receipt). And furthermore, you will also be entitled to claim for help with the cost of your internet connection.

I have a new PC courtesy of the OU; they are great!

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