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Really cross regarding latest result .....Grrrrrrrr!!!

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Coathanger Mon 13-Aug-07 11:39:40

I've just got a mark back and I am so angry its untrue!

When I had my draft checked, I was told not to change it at all, it was a great piece of work and it was certainly a good pass....
So there was me, quietly confident, thinking I had a stonker of an essay under my belt, and didn't alter it at all....

Just got the mark back and its a 50%

Pass mark is 40% so at least I passed but FFS!! I am so disappointed in the hell am I going to pass level 2 and 3 essays if the "great" work I produce is only a 50%..

Sorry this is more of a rant really than anything else.... Hope you don't mind me sharing

Baffy Mon 13-Aug-07 11:43:18

I know how horrible that feeling is.

Any chance you can turn it into something more positive and get some feedback on what you would have needed to do, in order to get the mark you wanted?

I would also be having a word with the tutor who said it didn't need changing and ask exactly why he/she said that, and it's come back as 50%?!

I'm sure you're more than capable. You just need the feedback and guidance so that with each essay the marks go steadily better.

Best of luck. And feel free to rant away here anytime

Coathanger Mon 13-Aug-07 11:47:05

Thank you Baffy

I will pick my essay up tomorrow and see what feedback there is. As far as I was conserned I met all the learning criteria well, and did exactly what we were told to I have no idea where I went wrong Oh well, there is a positive to gain from this I suppose......I will take all critism on board and develop my skills

Coathanger Mon 13-Aug-07 11:48:09

Ooooo, I'm so cross my spelling has gone to pot too.....(I'm not thick really...I'm not )

Baffy Mon 13-Aug-07 11:53:42

I'm sure you'll do really well.

The tutor who said it didn't need changing obviously has no idea do they! Think they may need a lesson or two themselves!

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