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Peachy, you about?

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jofeb04 Sat 04-Aug-07 17:51:34

Am I correct in thinking that you live in Caerleon (sp?!), and that you are in Uni?

If so, do you go to Caerleon Campus? It looks like I'm going there Sept 2008, and want to know your views on the uni!


Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 18:17:36

Hiya JoFeb

yep I'm at caerleon- if you ever want a tour let me know

What's it like?

It's OK. Has a few things could do with improving (the library an dcanteen meals to be exact) but on the whole ts good, far better than their other campus Alt Yr Yn from my limited experience. Its regularly being updated (or spolied as we like to call it ) with new buildings too so the facillities are good- does depend what you're studying though, arts stuff tends to be better provided for than humanities, for instance.

What are you studying?

jofeb04 Sat 04-Aug-07 18:25:19


I'm going to be doing combined Psychology and Sociology, and obv nervous!

Would love to walk around there sometime!

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 18:31:52

Yes we'll meeet up

I did psychology in year one so I know the one of the lecturers too, Stuart.

My e-mail is, I only live nearby the place so if you e-mail me we'll pop over- probably even got a textbook you can have actually.

jofeb04 Sat 04-Aug-07 18:34:42

Oh thanks Peachy, really appreciate it. I' in blackwood,so not too far travelling either really.

Will email you shortly.

Peachy Sat 04-Aug-07 18:38:40

Oh right, used to mentor in tredegar

Will keep an eye for your email

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