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Has anyone completed a Psychology/Sociology combined degree?

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jofeb04 Wed 25-Jul-07 09:26:18

Just wanting to know how you found it, amount of work etc.

I may be excepted onto the second year because of the courseI I am doing now (and will finish at Easter). If not, it's first year in 2008.


mum2bubbles Tue 28-Aug-07 17:01:51

Hi I have just fin my 1st yr doing Psychology major and Sociology minor degree. To be honest i really hated the sociology it was very boring and tedious nothing like a level or gcse. I have now transferred to single Psychology for my 2nd yr. Also as the two subjects are from diff departments...(soc is health, social and law whereas psy is science) timetables nightmare. When hols were due for psy i still had to go in for soc and vice versa. Also other things such as essay deadlines due at same time for 2 subjects no discussion between departments and exams too close together. Would definately recommend sticking to a single degree! Hope that helps x

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