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Foundation degree in early years

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ale233 Sat 21-Jul-07 07:45:25

Hello, I am wanting to train to become a teacher and interested in the foundation degree in the early years which takes 2 years full time and then a further 1 year top up for the full degree. I wanted to start this September but am pregnant now so looking to start next year. I already have a 2 year old and wondered if anyone has any experience of this course and the work load involved. Its 12 years since I left school an apart from a night course which Ive just finished for teaching assistant I havent studied since school. I'm really looking forward to starting but also really worried that I wont cope with the work and don't want the children to miss out. Does anyone know of a good website to find out what financial help I might be entitled to, I have contacted student finance direct but they seemed very vague and my local authority said they cant give me any idea untill I actually apply for the course.
Sorry its so long winded!

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