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Anyone else doing their TMA?

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Skimty Sat 14-Jul-07 14:33:13

This is my first post on MN(though I've lurked for about a year ) but I've been driven to it by the sheer boredom of writing my TMA. The worst thing is I've sent DH on a hike with DS. His last words were 'Don't spend all your time on Mumsnet'

ktmoomoo Sat 14-Jul-07 14:39:01

what is a tma please and hi xx

Skimty Sat 14-Jul-07 14:56:32

Hi, it's a Tutor Marked Assignment for an OU course. I'm doing a compulsory module which is sooooooooo boring!!

OldieMum Sat 14-Jul-07 15:26:53

Hee hee! I've also just sent DH out with the DCs. Should be doing TMA 05. Will shut down the internet link and go back to it now!!!!

Skimty Sat 14-Jul-07 15:28:45

Just had phonecall from DH. Ds has been crying for past hour and half. Plantivly asked if he could come home. Bless.

Naartjie Mon 16-Jul-07 22:27:35

Yay! An Ou-er Yes, I am about to start TMA 04 soon. I'm doing Creative Writing this year- what are you studying?

Skimty Tue 17-Jul-07 09:14:16

Sorry - just checked this. Doing D820 - The challenge of the social sciences. How many things have you done. This is only my second TMA

Naartjie Tue 17-Jul-07 13:05:57

This is my forth year with the OU. I've done intro to humanities, the 19th century novel and 20th century literature.

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