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can anyone recommend any books on midwifery as prep for potential interview?

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me23 Sat 30-Jun-07 18:28:14

I ave applied to a midwifery secondment at work, I really want to have a good shot at it and give a good interview (if I get one) Are there any books that I should read to prepare me and impress the interviewers?

me23 Sun 01-Jul-07 13:39:17


me23 Sun 01-Jul-07 21:17:53


NurseyJo Sun 01-Jul-07 21:18:59

Message withdrawn

lulumama Sun 01-Jul-07 21:29:04

make sure you are up to date with any new stuff in maternity services, NICE guidelines too, just in case....good luck ! friend recently had interview, had to talk about breastfeeding as one of the topics

Hideehi Sun 01-Jul-07 21:29:38

For goodness sake don't say you want to work with babies, it's women's health that's the focus and what they want to hear, my friend made that mistake.

me23 Sun 01-Jul-07 21:47:17

thankyou for the replies have some stuff to work on now. will be doing some research, as well as having to do assignment that needs handing in on weds

me23 Fri 03-Aug-07 09:25:20

Hi just an update! I have been shortlisted for interview, yay! this interview will be at work to see if they want to put me forward for secondment. then I will have to apply to the university linked to the hospital I work at.

any more tips?
has anyone been seconded before? I'm not sure what they will be looking for in the interview as it isnt the intervoew to get in to uni, its just theninterview to put me forward iyswim/

Coathanger Sun 05-Aug-07 11:23:07

I am a midwifery student although I am not on a secondment but a direct entry student. However, I would advice that you go to the RCM website and read up on some of the hot topics in the world of midwifery. I would also see if you could get hold of some of the midwifery journals such as MIDIRS or The Practicing Midwife too.

As far as books go, Mayes and Myles are great but heavy going, but Midwifery by Ten Teachers is a bit lighter.

I think articles and jurnals are your best bet though.

Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll do just great. You seem very keen and committed so you are most of the way there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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