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sallytheslackerstrawberrys wordcount thread, feel free to join in.

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sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 13:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucykate Sat 30-Jun-07 13:18:24

oh dear!

i'm not a student but i have a magazine article to write for monday. only 800 words though

dustystar Sat 30-Jun-07 13:19:14

When is it due sally?

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 14:14:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dustystar Sat 30-Jun-07 14:27:45

Loads of time yet then Take advantage of the crap weather and try and get it done before the sun comes back out.

ETsmum Sat 30-Jun-07 15:14:01

Ohhh, me 1770 of 2000 word TMA.......still needs alot of work though to make any sense!

Good luck with yours Sally

turquoise Sat 30-Jun-07 15:43:20

Good luck Sally! Just get something down even if it's stream of consciousness, you can reorganize it later.

We're having a pyjama day, kids are loving the opportunity to do exactly what they like so long as they don't disturb me! I've finished one 1675 word essay and am about to start the next. Chinese takeaway, beer and a large bar of chocolate awaiting me if I at least get it planned today, really ought to finish it this weekend though and can't be arsed, but it's got to be in by tuesday.

teafortwoandtwofortea Sat 30-Jun-07 15:44:50

ood luck sally - what are you writing about? (assume something nursey?)

teafortwoandtwofortea Sat 30-Jun-07 15:45:15

good even !

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 15:49:08

16th july?

But its not the 15th is it? So why ahve you started?

or is that just me.....

what's it this time then?

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 16:28:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 16:39:17

No, you'e late compared to waht everyone else tells you- my lot swear they've done it six weeks earlya nd I do it the day before, either they're lying or I'm a super genius coz my grades are just as good or better (and i'm pretty sure I would know if I were a genius by now )

Used to urse a gentleman with Parkinsons- lovely chap. Soundsqute interesting. But i won't swap ya
(I am finished but have to have 10% of my dissertation in for September now)

MarsLady Sat 30-Jun-07 16:43:06

Total essay word length: 4,000 words
Due: Last Friday

Done:Bugger all! And I don't even have a decent excuse. It's been my plan to do it all day!

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 16:51:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 16:52:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dustystar Sat 30-Jun-07 16:53:15

Slippers Am i missing something?

Peachy Sat 30-Jun-07 16:53:40


More like early dinner- have you clocked the time?

MarsLady Sat 30-Jun-07 16:55:18

Sally............ you could always hop (lol) on the train and come and start my assignment. In return I would hop onto the train and go out to early dinner with your friends! Childfree!

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 17:00:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 17:04:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dustystar Sat 30-Jun-07 17:06:03

order in your favourite takeaway

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 17:09:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dustystar Sat 30-Jun-07 17:18:31

Go on be norty You deserve it with all the hard work you are doing on your assignment.

turquoise Sat 30-Jun-07 17:21:52

Am up to 800 words on second essay but just happened to glance at dds room - she has been 'tidying it' (tipping everything on to the floor in order to sort out, but hasn't reached the sorting part) and am having a bit of a breakdown, just as it was all going so well.

Foot sounds nasty Sally, perfectly good reason for takeaway two nights running.

sallystrawberry Sat 30-Jun-07 17:27:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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