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My lasht exsham ish over....

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choosyfloosy Fri 22-Jun-07 19:46:01

Can't really focush on the schreen

sorry to be schtereotypically Btitish and only able to schelebrate by getting a bit pished

but itsh been an unbelievably tough row to hoe

and now i have HOED IT


beansprout Fri 22-Jun-07 19:50:28

Knock yourself out Floosy!!

choosyfloosy Fri 22-Jun-07 20:01:53

[snaps fungers] crishps please darling

and oh boy, it's America's Got Talent at 8.30

[sinks into morass of crap telly and alcohol

oh look theshe crishps have Lyonnaise Shallots in them

sounds a lot better than Skegness Shallots eh

good name for a band though

TheArmadillo Fri 22-Jun-07 21:33:44


Carry on getting pissed - tis an order

Bet it feels goooooooooooooood.

themaskedposterwithJAZZHANDS Fri 22-Jun-07 21:38:12

tearinghairout Fri 22-Jun-07 21:42:40

My last exam's over too. I've been an invigilator for two years and it isthe most mindnumbingly boring job in the zzzzzwholezzz wide zzzzworldzzzzzzz...
I bumped into a student's desk one day 'cos I lost my balance as I nearly dozed off, you spend your time trying not to laugh/cough/sneeze/fart (not always successfully) and resisting the urge to run, screaming, down the exam hall, there are never enough calculators, you never get to speak to the people you work with (beyond 'Have we got enough papers?' etc.) It is DULL DULL DULL - at least when you're in the exam room you've got something to do! I'm not doing it anymore either. Pass the bottle. Cheers!

vixma Fri 22-Jun-07 21:53:59

first year at open university, great couse but heavy with 2 jobs and a family.....GOOD LUCK! it is bloody hard work. all the best vixma and I hope fingers crossed you do well, I am crapping myself over result.

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