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Understanding Children Y156

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Rachelmumof6 Sat 26-May-07 14:22:38

I have just started this course (Well June 1st), just about to do my first essay and wondered if anyone could give me some pointers. Do you need to include the points and source from TMA01 part 1 and 2 in the essay?

Also wondered if there was anyone else doing the same course?


morgansauntie Sun 10-Jun-07 19:24:29

Rachel Hi

I know I'm rather late to offer advice on your first essay. I have only joined or rejoined mumsnet today and been pointed in the direction of the student forum

I hope everything went well with your essay you may have even had it back by now

I finished Understanding Children in January, at this moment I am coming up to the end of Understanding Society, in november I am beginning Starting with Psychology and next year I am moving onto a level one course An Introduction to the Social Sciences

I have decided to start of slowly as I have serious health issues, have not studied for 22 years and do spend a lot of time looking after my nieces and nephew and help to run a course for a national charity

I was really anxious, nervous and scared at first but my tutor was really encouraging and supportive in the end I did remarkably well, in fact I could not have done much better in my ECA which really surprised me but gave me lots of self belief and confidence to go on further

Do not know if I can be much help but I am available and willing all the same, just wanted to let you know somebody else has done this course

Rachelmumof6 Sun 29-Jul-07 22:55:58

Thanks, I just achieved 2 & 3 and achieved 1 & 4, I have done my TMA02 and I am starting my ECA now, however not due until 12th Oct but starting Arts and Humanities in Oct.

Keep you informed.

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