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Anyone doing the OU Psychology conversion diploma or plan to?

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allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 13:01:31

Just wondering how heavy going it is really..
Would like to go to a proper uni to do a conversion as i miss the social aspect of studying, but only very few places at the uni near me (sussex uni, brighton)

beckybrastraps Fri 18-May-07 13:05:00

I am. I'm enjoying it. DO you have any psychology as part of your first degree? If not you need to do 5 courses. I'm doing them over 4 years, but if you're organised and have the time you can do it quicker.

I haven't found the work level too much. I have weeks of mad panic and then let it all slide again, and I get by .

allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 13:16:36

no i dont, which is a bummer. so its going to take me about 83 years to complete the whole thing! What do you plan to do after the diploma?

beckybrastraps Fri 18-May-07 16:31:43

Well, my friend has finished it in three years, so it's not too bad really. I'm just a bit lazy, so I do one course a year (well, two last year).

Not sure what I'll do with it. Am contemplating research possibly. Of course if you want to be a psychologist then there is more training on top of the diploma...

allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 16:43:34

Yes am hoping in a pointless kind of way to try to get on to an educational psychology doctorate but i know the chances are pretty damn slim!!
Still got 60credits to do to finish my degree!
then i hope i can do the diploma in 2yrs. Do they turn down many people who apply, do you know?

beckybrastraps Fri 18-May-07 16:48:34

I've no idea. I shouldn't think so at all. And if they do, then you can do credit transfer and get a psychology degree rather than the diploma with the same courses. It only matters if you have some psych as part of your original degree and don't do all 270 points. Then you can't transfer enough credit for the degree. Two years might be pushing it a bit for all five courses though! You would have to do three in one year and htat would be hard.

allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 17:02:11

i only said 2 yrs as thats how they suggest it on the paperwork ive been sent, and one of the courses at level 2 is only a 15credit thing isnt it?

beckybrastraps Fri 18-May-07 19:20:31

SD226 is 30 points. If you have a science background you'd be OK. But quite a lot of people struggled with it last year.

squidette Fri 18-May-07 19:35:07

I am.

I didnt have any psychology points from my first degree though, so i have to gain 60 points before i can do the 'conversion' part. Therefore i am about halfway through DSE212 - 'Exploring Psychology' and so far i am loving it. I also have to do a project - DXR222 in August when i will go to a residential school for a week.

I have been to 4 tutorials and a day school already, so the social aspect for me is fine. I want to have room in the week for more social aspects as part of my time i spend working and various other parts are taken up with children, gardening, sewing, thinking, being, and other things too. So a great balance for me.

After DSE212 (which is not part of the final classification) i will then do the Conversion.

The material is super, the tutor support so far is excellent and although i know that i could do the conversion the year after next at a red brick, it would cost about 4 times as much and i would have to give up my work, which is actually part of the motivation for me doing the conversion, so not really what i want.

There is a LOT of reading, and i dont think that will get any lighter. The Stats side i find challenging, but then i like the challenge of learning. Also, no-one to remind you to study, so self-motivation is really important.

squidette Fri 18-May-07 19:36:43

'DONT want to have room in the week for more social aspects'

allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 19:55:30

Becky, i am doing SD266 right now and i am finding it v hard!!May even frop out...But am not doing it for the psychology diploma, just out of interest.

The OU told me i dont even need SD266 to do the diploma (as it wont make me exempt from studying the 5 courses);
the 15point course i mentioned earlier was the Exploring Psychology online project which comes after the 60point Exploring psychology course. they told me its not very time consuming.

so hopefully can do it in 2yrs i hope.

thanks Squidette for info!

allgonebellyup Fri 18-May-07 19:57:16

frop out ?

beckybrastraps Sat 19-May-07 15:35:35

Don't frop out! If I can give you any help just CAT me. I did it last year and, thanks to background in biochemistry, did pretty well <preen, preen>

And yes, the 15 pointer is very quick.

Serious about the SD226 offer BTW.

OldieMum Fri 08-Jun-07 22:58:44

Squidette - I'm doing DSE212 too and am very much enjoying it. I started it last year, but took a break to have DS in July and have now been doing it again since April. I'm planning to do the diploma next year and am going to try to do all three courses at once. I won't be doing a job, so I hope I'll be able to get it all done.

bamamama Sun 24-Jun-07 12:26:35

allgonebellyup - have you decided to do this course? I'm also considering it but would also have the complication of completing the first part of my studies whilst living in Australia for a year. I am undecided about what to do but may be looking for some MN course buddies about next February!

allgonebellyup Sun 24-Jun-07 20:49:56

bamamama - still not sure.. i still have 60 more credits on my degree to do first before i have a complete degree, so am doing this in sept.
would like to do psychology masters at my local uni but only handful of places for 100 applicants so might still apply for OU conversion..
..will keep you updated!

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