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School Direct September, 2 kids, stressing!

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abitdazed Mon 29-May-17 18:32:54

Hi all, I've just been accepted to start a School Direct course in September. I'm over the moon as I've been studying for my degree (which finishes on Thursday) for the last 6 years through Open University.
Now the dread has set in, I'm so worried about money and childcare. I have 2 DC: dd (5) will need before school care and ds (2) who will need full day care. We currently don't have any childcare as my partner works days and I work nights but as I'll have to finish work end of August, it will be just his income at just less than 16k.
I've heard of the childcare grant through student finance but also seen a lot of people not get it too. I have no help in the way of family or friends. I'm not sure how much maintenance loan I'll receive either, is that means tested also? And if so, will it go on the previous years income (as it will be more due to me working)?If anyone at all can offer advice I'd be very grateful.

Flamingoprincess1212 Fri 02-Jun-17 16:21:49

Hi what subject and age are you teaching. There are some hefty scholarships about?
Good luck

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