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Having a newborn and studying

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dede124 Tue 25-Apr-17 21:58:28

Hi everyone
Just finishing my second year and due to go back in September for my third and final year. Im expecting my first baby in October and I'm hoping to continue. My lecturers have said it's possible and I will be allowed some flexibility with attendance but I m worried about the workload whether it would be possible. I really want to carry on as it's my last year I don't want to take a year out in case I don't go back and plus my friends who I have been with for 2 years are great support. Would just like some advice and Has anyone had any experience with a newborn at university??

Thanks smile

IAmAPaleontologist Tue 25-Apr-17 22:08:24

Depends on so many things so I think an open mind is key. How much contact time do you have?

My ds1 was born in the Christmas break at uni, he is 10 now. I was back in lectures when he was 10 days old. His dad would have him when I had a class, we would swap the baby in corridors. Sometimes he came with me but I had small classes and seminars where nobody minded and of course I took him out if he fussed.

However, I went part time and did my final year spread over 2 years. The second year was a bit shit not being with those I started with but tbh my life was so different by then that it didn't matter much. I couldn't have done the full workload in the one year.

isthistoonosy Fri 19-May-17 22:13:25

Yh it kind of depends, I took my newborn in to class with me (PT course) and it was fine but childcare would have been better.
I'd try but be open to changing your pans to PT or defering a year if you need to,

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