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Any student parents with a student partner?

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incompetentmayorgoodway Sun 05-Mar-17 14:19:57

Trying to find some first hand advice ( mainly because all of the online calculators don't seem to cover our situation)

Currently I live with my two kids and partner at his mums although at mine most of the time. ( kids not his ) he stays down in the city he goes to uni to for 2 nights a week

He's currently at uni and I'm heading to uni in September.

We've discussed moving in together but I can't find anything at all to give me rough estimates of how grants and maintenance loans etc would work with two students cohabiting.

The only thing I can find for definite is that the council tax reduction for students doesn't apply if your both students.

Can anyone in a similar situation reassure me that I'll still get a sensible amount in maintenance loans etc and not totally be making myself skint by moving in together as although living together would be lovely I still have bills to pay!

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