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Any sociologists/sociolgy students who can help me with this blinkin essay...

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tiredemma Sun 25-Feb-07 20:00:47

...writing it for me would be an added bonus.

I do not know where to start- I have the title, I have the books but I cannot for the life of me start the essay. Its only 1000 words FGS!!!!! whats wrong with me??????

Consider how social theories help us understand class equalities, and identify the implications for healthcare.

Any help please??? PeachyClair kindly gave me some stuff off net last week, but im still flummoxed.

PeachyClair Sun 25-Feb-07 20:04:12

The subject of class inequality is one that has illustrtaed imbalances in the healthcare system for many genearations, yet has been ill defined and as such ahrd to quantify. To enable this gap to be closed, or at least undeerstood, several theories have been proposed to enable the understanding both of the origins of these inequalities, and their effects on health care and health outcomes.

Sorry abot the spelling- and very ,much off the top of my head LOL (swap youa 20 minute rpesentation on racism? )

tiredemma Sun 25-Feb-07 20:08:14

bloody hell - you are good.

That is a fab paragraph ( do you have another 850 words to add???

I would love to do your racism presentation, but sadly- feel I would also be shit at that.

Should I go along the lines of that paragraph- discuss briefly Marx with his ideas of relationships between class, then discuss Weber, who modified Marx's theory to a greater extent?

( Thnaks for the other stuff, just wish I could actually get my head around it all!)

PeachyClair Sun 25-Feb-07 20:12:18

Just go through the theories forst, prezenytimg them each chronologically, then do some criticisms of each, and some case study or 'real life' (or reflective if you still do that?), that will be mroe than enough words I would think.

Durkheim????? very wel known so would not omit him.

(How about the one on the Islamic contribution to art and science? I am VERY desperate to get rid of that LOL )

I was offfered sociology, kinda wish i'd taken it now I am half way through this. LOL

tiredemma Sun 25-Feb-07 20:15:33

thanks peachy, will attempt it all now.Im sure this isnt the last that you have heard from me!

Er, the islamic art and science thing, Ill decline if you dont mind. Would possibly be worse at that than anything that I have ever attempted in my life. But thanks for the offer!!

PeachyClair Sun 25-Feb-07 20:32:00

LOL drat

Molesworth Sun 25-Feb-07 23:09:44

Don't forget to bring Bourdieu in!

tiredemma Mon 26-Feb-07 07:35:15

another one? who is he/she molesworth?? ( my head is going to explode I think!!

PeachyClair Mon 26-Feb-07 09:19:47


Wikipedia isn't good as a standalone ref to anything BUT ime (and Uni syays is OK) is fine as long as you use it as a signpost to other, more academic refs.

Legacy Mon 26-Feb-07 09:27:39

<ah - wistfully casting mind back to A level sociology...>

So is Bilton still used in Sociology these days? And whatever happened to Ann Oakely and The Captive housewife stuff.....

chacha3 Mon 26-Feb-07 09:35:04

wow im just about to start a ou course on understanding children!know where to come for my essays now! lol

MiaWallace Mon 26-Feb-07 15:56:14

Bilton is still going strong Legacy

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