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U.K. Open college teaching assistant

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bunnyrabbit93 Tue 24-Jan-17 20:15:22

Hey ladies

I want to do a course and get a teaching assistant qualification. There is a role starting in September for a reception class ta. I have a level 2 and 1/2 level 3 in childcare and education. I was wondering if anyone knew any online courses. I saw this uk open college but I don't know if they are legit. Don't want to give money to anyone. Also what's the best course for me to do ?

Thanks all

cuddlebug Wed 01-Mar-17 00:51:49

Check out Open Study College. My friend is currently doing a Management course with them and really enjoys it. Good luck! X

user1494533595 Thu 15-Jun-17 20:06:19

My daughter studied with the open study college and upon completion of her courses and subsequent search for suitable employment, found out the "certificates" and "qualifications" were worthless. Neither course qualified her in any respect. Have a look at the reviews you'll see my daughter isnt the only one. Good luck though!

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