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My OU stuff has arrived....

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NuttyMuffins Sat 24-Feb-07 15:10:56

am in need of a what do I do now, confused but excited emoticon

Have had a quick look through everything, got a text book, dvd, transcript of dvd and then a work book with the TMA's in and thats it.

Keep thinking that I'm not gonna know how to get started properly. The course doesn't offically start until 1st March, so at least I have time to have a good luck through it all.

cazzybabs Sat 24-Feb-07 15:12:14

What course are you doing?

Stargazer Sat 24-Feb-07 15:12:24

What course are you doing Nutty? I know what it's like opening the packages - I'm doing two courses this year - and should be studying them instead of being on here Good luck.

SSShakeTheChi Sat 24-Feb-07 15:13:42

Think an easy way to get started might be to run an eye down the index page and see what lies ahead. Think I'd try watching the DVD and thinking about a timetable. When are you going to fit in your studying each week, that kind of thing.

Good luck, what's your course?

NuttyMuffins Sat 24-Feb-07 15:16:30

It's just an openings course 'Understanding Children'.

I'll try and watch the dvd once the kids are in bed later and then go through the timetable.

I can do the work on most evenings and when Ds is at nursery so I don't think the time factor will be a problem, more the motivation factor LOL.

cazzybabs Sat 24-Feb-07 15:18:57

It is not a just.... tiny acorns and all that!

Good luck. I hope you enjoy it. I have found all the OU courses I have done really well put together. Did you get it free? I onoy ask because my friend at work does earn enough and so gets all her courses paid for by the OU!

NuttyMuffins Sat 24-Feb-07 15:25:41

Yep it was free as I am a single mum, tbh I couldn't have done it otherwise.

nikkie Sat 24-Feb-07 15:58:21

There is usually a timetable for study in the pack,ie week one do X ,week 2 Y etc

DimpledThighs Sat 24-Feb-07 15:59:25

congratulations for making the jump.

Good luck - hope it goes well!

NuttyMuffins Sat 24-Feb-07 16:03:52

Thank you, good luck to you all too

LadyTophamHatt Sat 24-Feb-07 16:09:37

OMG.....Errr how did I not know this know I'm your "chief egger on" when it come to further eduaction.

Bloody well done M'dear...brilliant idea to do it at home.

Onwards and upwards eh??

NuttyMuffins Sat 24-Feb-07 16:50:21

LOL @ chief egger on

Yep onwards and upwards, in small tiny steps at the mo but it will do.

Need to decide what to do in Sept and am hoping this course will help with that.

PollyLogos Sat 24-Feb-07 17:20:52

Hi nutty, I am doing a course called childhood this year and am really really enjoying it, I bet yours will be just as interesting!!

You should get a timetable and a study guide that will tell you exactly what to do when.

My one piece of advice would be to get started straight away, it is always handy to be a week in advance as something will crop up along the line and put you back a bit with your studies.

Good luck and I really hope that you enjoy the course.

Skribble Sat 24-Feb-07 20:56:09

Hi nutty I am doing an openings course too.

My DVD had a section to watch first, you might not want to watch it all first as some of the sections on the DVD are specifically related to sections in the book.

Have you got an assignment booklet or similar, mine tells you where to start and what to do first. You start off by filling out a learning plan on my course and the tutor has sent me a short letter, and will phone soon.

The timetable will also give you an idea how much to do each week and what you will do first.

Good Luck

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