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Want to go back to college or uni. to get a career in something....

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SparklyGothKat Fri 23-Feb-07 23:58:04

but don;t know what to do. I like the idea of training to be a midwife, but I only have GSCEs in english, maths and art and design (c and above) all my other subjects I got Ds and Es. I didn't fail any of my GSCEs but didn't do as well I could have. I retook my maths at college and got a C, where I also got A* and B in art and design.

The other thing I was thinking about was a florist course, but I don;t think that it would provide enough money for our family.

Any ideas??

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:08:55

My sister mentioned an assess course that I could do to get onto the midwifery course, but I have no A-levels at all.

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:18:32

access courses are usually A level equiv.

they require certain GCSE's ( not sure about midwifery specifically) but would assume english maths - which you have.

i'm sure you can google some research on it.

the other thing (maybe ) is social work - pays shitloads - dont have to do families and children - as there are lots of kinds of social work - and that kind i think i personally would find upseting.

they give you a burery of 4k full time not means tested. and your are elegible for a student loan

liquidclocks Sat 24-Feb-07 00:18:56

Midwifery or floristry? There's a big difference!

Where abouts do you live I guess is the first question - I'm guessing with the children moving is out of the question so you need to look at places around you that you can train in.

Your GCSEs sound fine for doing an access course - they may want to see some sort of English qualification though, if only an key skills level. NHS training courses are hard work (I'm an OT) but the bursaries are great for minimizing your student loan if you can get one.

Have you got a local adult college?

liquidclocks Sat 24-Feb-07 00:20:01

duh, sorry, missed that you had english already.


liquidclocks Sat 24-Feb-07 00:20:36

Would you consider youthwork?

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:22:31

I;m in herts, I have a B GCSE in english. I know that its two very difference subjects but I am umming and erring about what to do. A friend of mine is training to be a midwife and she loves it, and the course is at the universary of hertfordshire, which is near me. But I don't know how to go about an access course, or what to do it in.

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:24:38

what happens about my benifits tho, do I lose them? I have 2 disabled kids and can't afford to lose money.

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:29:18

find the collee that does the access course and give them a ring.

i dont know about the benefits - i would make appt to see CAB and phone the DWP/benefits agency.

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:30:03

amazonakafatty used to be a social worker nad has SN knowledge maybe she knows?

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:33:01

thanks I just want to do something with my life rather than shop work. I worked in a supermarket while at college before and I couldn't go back to that fulltime, I want a career now. I had DS at 18 and now my kids are older, I want to make my life worthwhile IYKWIM

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:38:48

i know eactly what you meam - i did it! i did an access course - went to uni with 3 kids under 5. i didn't do anything career specific and although it lifted the ceiling with regards to earnings potential without it being career specific - i cant see me earning much more where i am and theres just no movement - lack of jobs in this field.

so i was thinking of re-training as a social worker - part time get 2k bursery - and go part time at work. dh quite happy with this as he knows i am unhappy with my personal self shit.

you can do it - you absolutley can. just need s al ittle research - especially and crucially with regard to your benefits.

remember that to get a place in college for september this year you will have to apply soon.

ScummyMummy Sat 24-Feb-07 00:40:34

If they get DLA that will stay. I think midwifery offers bursaries. My sister got one a few years back. Social work does too as custy says. This looks useful Does your partner work/study?

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:42:01

I can't see how my benifits would be reduced by much, I get carers allowence which means I have to give 36 hours care a week, just the weekends total that. But its the IS and my housing benifit that I am worried about, as i couldn't pay for it out of 4k (or 2k pt) as my rent is £97 a week!!

ScummyMummy Sat 24-Feb-07 00:42:26

Are you applying now, custs? I can lend you some of my cord skirts if you like. And you, sparkly, if you go the sw route.

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:43:13

no we both are SAHP because of having 2 disabled kids.

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:45:44

so if DH went to college too, we would keep our benifits? Am I reading that right? He wants to go back to college as he has no GCSE at all.

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:46:50

I;m sorry SM, I couldn;t be a SW, my sister is a family support worker and she hates it..

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:48:35

thanks scummy - but i am looking forward to my own cord skirt collection - the apps are closed for this year - jan 31st. but i have to do ucas application its been erm....8 nearly 9 years since i did one and i was walked through it at college. - so will be applying for the 2008 year.

the year that sparkly can too get in - if she does her access course this sept!

we could do it together

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:51:15

lol cust!! OMG can't believe I am seriously thinking about this... its something I have wanted to do since having DS 9 years ago, I will make an appointment at the DWP and the college on monday

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 00:51:49

you'd better -i'm gonna hunt you down!

ScummyMummy Sat 24-Feb-07 00:52:32

Lol- my sister did midwifery and hated it, as it happens! She said it consisted of spending long dull hours gazing at people's fannies only to finally be presented with the horrific sight of an alien emerging!

I think that whether your partner stays at home or goes to college too you will not be out of pocket as a family but you'll need to check it out. There were a good smattering of people with kids on low incomes on my course and they seemed to do ok finanacially. No worse that on benefits alone, anyway.

ScummyMummy Sat 24-Feb-07 00:56:09

If you want to do it sooner ring the colleges direct, custy. I definitely applied after Jan 31st, afair. I mean, obv take your time to decide but if you're sure anytime before term starts it's worth asking. I suspect they will bite your hand off when they see your experience.

SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 00:57:54

just worked out that 4k is £77 a week, I can earn up to £84 a week and keep my carers allowence. I would lose my IS though as this is more than my IS, I might still get my housing benifit, as my allowence is higher than normal because of my disabled kids. I will investigate and hopefully I will be no worse off and I can do it

Tortington Sat 24-Feb-07 01:00:56

oh erm <jugles hot coal> this means i have an imminent and quick decision.

dunno - erm - right. really? nah! have ucas thing to clear and the sussex uni deadline is Jan31st. and i want part time.



not procrastinating honest will talk to dh and see. would love love love to get my life to have some future @thing@ to head for.

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