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Just applied for Access Course at College

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blacklily3 Tue 13-Dec-16 10:13:02

Hi All,

Not been on here for a while (years). Have just applied for an Access to HE course, full time at Alloa college to start in August 2017. I never did my GCSE's, left school when I was 15. Am excited to be able to go back and go on to uni, I hope to do a combined Philosophy & History degree.

I have read that I might have to do an English test and Maths test, am a little nervous about the maths one and have been on Khan Academy website to brush up (I remember why I hated maths). Maths is also going to be part of the Access Course, but am confident I can pick up the maths as long as I apply myself.

Just wondered if anyone can tell me at what level the maths test would be? I really want a place on this course and am so excited.

And.... has anyone done this type of Access Course before? This one will cover Literature(1), Communication (NC), Maths (National 5), Sociology (Higher), Psychology (Higher), Prep for Higher Ed and Local Investigations (not sure what last one is, will find out if I get invited to an info session). Has anyone been to Forth Valley College before? Not quite sure what to expect, it's all way outside my comfort zone but was wanting a challenge. I know it will be hard work, I am committed though as I really want to go to uni and get a degree and a new career.

I am 35 with 2 DC (5 & 2) and a boyfriend that is going back to work full time (luckily shift work, evenings/nights/weekends and my youngest starts nursery next August too) and I am quitting my FT job (finish up beg of Feb and am on countdown, my boyfriend got offered full time hours from Feb so we decided we would make the work change now). Am a little nervous about being a mature student, not so much on the access course as this is designed for mature students, but when I go on to uni. I will be 40 when I finish my degree, it's a scary thought, up until now I never really thought of myself as old smile

Ah, a quick question as well (although will be asking the college at info session if am invited but have never had much patience), do I apply through SAAS for funding? I can't quite work out if this is a full time further or higher education course, it is SCQF level 6 course.

Any info, opinions or advice appreciated.

Blushingm Thu 12-Jan-17 13:30:52

I did access and am now a 2nd year student nurse. The rest was to see what level you're working at. It was gcse sort of standard from what I remember

Good lucj

blacklily3 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:13:18

Thanks Blushingm. Have passed the screening and waiting for my interview, so fingers x. Good luck with your nursing.

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