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What are you all studying and what are you going to do with it?

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witsender Sun 13-Nov-16 18:26:59

I have itchy feet for some more learning...inspire me please!grin

Lj8893 Sun 13-Nov-16 18:31:10

I'm Studying a midwifery degree.....Think it's obvious what I'm planning to do with it grin

MistressMolecules Sun 13-Nov-16 20:10:53

I'm studying maths and physics, research is where I would like to be eventually but not certain if I want to be in academia or industry (probably academia but happy to wait as I haven't even yet decided what I eventually want to specialise in!)

Skookiemomster Tue 15-Nov-16 11:15:18

I'm currently doing a criminal psychology degree. Going on to do my masters degree in forensic psychology. Aiming for a career either in the prisons or the police force.

FoofFighter Tue 15-Nov-16 18:13:38

I'm doing an HNC in Social Services, and debating wether to apply for a Social Work degree or go out to work after... had the tutor in talking it up today and it's got me inspired although I honestly cannot see how I can manage it... am a single parent with no family around, I don't drive (yet!) and uni is 90 mins commute each way.

Finding the HNC level ok so far, it's just the amount of work and it all needs submitting within a month, so my studyload is quite full on just now.

Chippednailvarnishing Tue 15-Nov-16 18:14:50

I'm halfway through my masters in finance. It's possibly the dullest subject ever. Avoid.

FormerlyCatherineDeB Tue 15-Nov-16 18:49:32

I am doing a short (1 year) course from ICSA.

I keep thinking I have done more than enough and then find something else to do for the sake of cpd.

WhenTheDragonsCame Tue 15-Nov-16 18:55:31

I am doing Occupational Therapy with the aim of being an Occupational Therapist grin

Skookiemomster Tue 15-Nov-16 19:19:50

@fooffighter why don't you do it through the open university?! Seriously Hun, look into it xx

MrTCakes Tue 15-Nov-16 19:21:53

I am studying law through online learning. Not sure what I want to do with it though, just find it interesting.

ClassmateHB Tue 15-Nov-16 19:23:54

Fooffighter try the Open Uni. They're ace, I've loved studying with them as a single parent.

I'm doing maths and education. To work in maths education ;-)

Sofabitch Tue 15-Nov-16 19:25:00

I'm studying Biomedical Science and want to work in cancer research

FoofFighter Tue 15-Nov-16 21:00:41

OU not an option for me due to funding.

Lipsy234 Thu 01-Dec-16 10:43:30

whenthedragonscame what do you like about occupational therapy and and what do you not? Cause i was looking into it as i find the money is alright

Branleuse Sat 03-Dec-16 15:20:34

im doing an open degree with the OU. Currently doing a psychology module.

Im enjoying it but its challenging

WhenTheDragonsCame Sat 03-Dec-16 15:55:41

Lipsy234 I have only completed one placement so far so not an expert but I love that it is so varied. We have had talks from OTs working in all sorts of really interesting areas from mother and baby units to eating disorder services. I love the idea that something I am provide is able to make life easier for someone else.

I know some of the others on my course haven't enjoyed placement so far as they didn't get on with their educator but the longest we are there for is 11 weeks so not too bad.

There can be a fair amount of paperwork, in the job, as everything you do needs to be documented and I guess it can be disheartening if you meet someone who doesn't want to accept you help.

The assessments can be quite stressful. We seem to not have very many but they can be worth quite a high percentage, this term we have only had 3 assessments but they add up to over half the marks for the year.

The other thing that might be off putting is that from next year there will no longer be a bursary. I already have a degree so if I hadn't started when I did I am not sure I would because my student loans would be huge.

I am really glad I chose to do OT.

Blushingm Sun 11-Dec-16 21:34:05

I'm currently studying for a BN (adult) - I want to be a district nurse

AnneEtAramis Sun 19-Mar-17 19:57:51

I went back to study history with a view to teaching as I had always wanted to teach. Now I am studying for an MA and a PhD and academia might be on the cards. I could never have anticipated this.

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