Anyone studying English Literature?

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user1472582572 Fri 30-Sep-16 15:54:38

Is anyone here studying English Literature or has studied English Literature at university level? How did you balance your studies and reading with taking care of a child or children?

BeauticianNotMagician81 Mon 07-Nov-16 11:37:21

I'm not much help but wanted to follow this as I'm considering studying English Literature and Creative Writing with the OU. I have four children aged 11,10, 3 and 4 months.

mugglebumthesecond Sun 18-Dec-16 13:15:42

I'm studying English Lang/lit and only have a couple of modules now until I graduate. I haven't particularly enjoyed the lit side of it but my skill has always been language/languages. Coping ok though and you really do not have to read all the set books fully through to get a good pass. A lot of it is thinking critically about the texts, contexts, close textual analysis, general essay writing technique. It's a heavy workload but I'm getting through it and because the course is so populate there is a lot of

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