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Uni offers what does she do?

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triplets Mon 04-Apr-16 14:22:27

Hi bit confused about all this! My dd has been offered a place at 2 unis, she has submitted her firm choice and her insurance choice to ucas. Does she have to actually accept her insurance choice, she has her first choice. As she has been offered a place at her preferred uni does that men its guaranteed? Thank you

TeaBelle Mon 04-Apr-16 14:25:13

Are the offers conditional upon her achieving certain grades?

gracefull Mon 04-Apr-16 14:50:51

Offers come in two forms, conditional and unconditional. Unconditional means you do not have to meet any grade requirements and in answer to your final questions, her place at the offered uni is guaranteed. Usually this happens if the A levels have already been taken and the student is on a gap year or their AS levels were extremely strong and the university wants to secure them.
Because she has a firm and insurance, I assume her offers are conditional. This means you has to achieve a set of grades to get into both institutions.
If she achieves her offer for her firm choice, she will get into that uni. She then cannot go to her insurance choice, she must take the firm. OR, reapply to a different institution though clearing if she changes her mind.
If she doesn't achieve the offer for her firm, but she does achieve the offer for her insurance then she will automatically get into her insurance.

This question 'Does she have to actually accept her insurance choice, she has her first choice.' is confusing to me, and I'm slightly unsure what you're asking. As far as I know, she only has to accept her insurance if she doesn't make the conditions for the firm choice.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

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