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Basic help needed about sorting finance for dd starting uni in Sept at Chichester

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triplets Tue 01-Mar-16 08:31:44

Hello the old age of 63 I have 18 yr old triplets who are all now going off in different directions and I am feeling bogged down trying to sort them all out! One ds has just last week graduated from Harrogate Army College and moves on to phase 2 training in Catterick this week. So he is ok! My second son is in the process of applying to join the Royal Marines School of Music, which is proving to be quite tough! My dd has been offered a place at Chichester in Sept and its her I need to concentrate on now. Never having done any of this before I am finding it quite daunting and confusing, and feel stupid not understanding it all! So she has been down for an open day, chosen it now as her first choice and been offered a place. So is the next thing applying for her student loans, I take it its all done on line? I have had a quick look last night on their web site and got some good idea, but am worried about the cost of her daily living mainly as she will have to live in halls. The maintenance loan based on our income looks like just over £7000, depending on the accommodation allocated its going to be around £120 a week, what happens to things like heating/electricity charges etc? Is £7k realistically enough for them to live on or in reality will we have to sub her or will she def need some sort of job? Can they help her find work? She is not very world wide so a lot of growing up is going to have to be done. Will she need to take all her own pots/pans/etc as I see there is a shared kitchen. Sorry it just all seems too much to think about but I need to start getting my head around it all. My dh cant help much as he is in remission from advanced cancer but has also got Parkinsons and any family stress just makes it worse so I am trying not to worry him about anything. SO basically I am needing some good practical information from you much wiser mums....or dads! Thank you so much. x

BabyDubsEverywhere Wed 02-Mar-16 21:15:41

You might have more luck on the Higher Education board, that's for parents of students rather than student parents so will hopefully be better placed to answer you. It has more traffic too smile

triplets Wed 02-Mar-16 21:35:59

oh didn't see that, thank you smile

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