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Children before or after a career change? Help and advice please!

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molrol1 Thu 11-Feb-16 21:21:29

Hello everyone,

I am in a semi well paid job that I find satisfying but am not passionate about. I have spent the past year trying to decide what I would rather do and have finally narrowed it down to two career choices (listed below) however my partner and I had settled on a plan that we would buy a house this year and start thinking about children next year. The plan always had been to have children then go and study however now I'm wondering if this is the best idea and whether it would be better to do my studying first. My career options are thus:

1) masters in social work - starts September, takes two years. I could theoretically qualify then have a baby so once the baby is a year old I can start working in that field - downside being that I won't get paid maternity leave -

2) psychology. Study a conversion course online for two years therefore keeping my current job - meaning I can get a house and paid maternity leave and get to still have a baby next year - however then I have to study a doctorate with a toddler and will potentially want more children whilst doing this.

My current job is very niche, It requires a very specific set of skills so I'm unable to do it anywhere except where I currently live (city)- partner and I want to live in the countryside - I feel that studying social work is the better option as it's very varied and good salary opportunities but if I'm being honest, psychology interests me more.

Does anyone on here have any advice? Does anyone on here currently work in these fields and have any suggestions?

Thank you all!!

Rosieroo790 Fri 19-Feb-16 16:04:53

Personally just going on experience I would go for the social work degree. My sister has a psychology degree (2:1) from a russel group university and she is currently working in Barclays on their graduate scheme as she couldn't find any related jobs where we live. I would sit down and research the job market for both prospects, take in to account how many jobs there are and the salaries. You could even visit the employers and ask how many applicants they get and if they would be interested in employing you if you where qualified etc

Home study sounds like a good idea in your situation as you can pay the bills as well as getting the degree done. Can you do the social work degree from home?

Practically speaking university and even a doctorates can be done with a child or pregnant. I have a one year old and I'm currently 5 months pregnant in the third year of my law degree. Obviously it's not as easy but it is completely do able.

Two years isn't that long. You never know it could take you a year or two to even conceive. If you feel more comfortable doing your degree first then do that.

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