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When will this all be over!?!?

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Purplerain067 Tue 05-Jan-16 09:28:22

Sorry but I really need to vent if nothing else.

I'm in my third and final year of university, struggling with being a parent and step parent whilst trying to start my dissertation and finish my degree.

My loan and grant (I live off these as I'm an unpaid student volunteer) was due 4th January, it hasn't arrived. I am £2 short for a bus pass to my daughters school and uni. My partner is overdrawn and has nothing to borrow me until Thursday, my mom is at work.

I feel like calling us both in sick, sending student finance a very angry email and crying going straight back to bed!!!

I won't- I will walk the 3 miles to school and back again in the rain sobbing hoping no one notices!


MeadowHay Wed 06-Jan-16 17:22:11

Have you called up SFE about your money being late? I would do that asap if you haven't. I thought my money should have arrived on the 4th but I checked online and the date for me is actually the 11th, which is very strange as my term started on the 4th. :S

Do you have a credit card? Obviously not a long-term answer but could be useful with a very small limit just for emergency situations like this.

Also, your university will have a hardship fund (Access to Learning fund I think it's called). They prioritise student parents in particular. You can get more information and/or make an application to it by contacting your university's welfare service.

Hang in there flowers

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