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Advice needed - access course/uni and ttc!

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MummyC92 Thu 19-Nov-15 09:23:19

To cut a long story short..

We have a DS who is now 4. In September I started an access course with the hopes of going to uni next sept.

However as soon as I started the access I decided I would really like another child. We decided to plan around a possible pregnancy being around the access, then me taking a year break before going to uni.

We were lucky and conceived first try and the timing couldn't be better with a late July due date. However I have just miscarried early on.

I now feel as if someone pulled the rug from underneath me and unsure what to do now.. If we try again and it takes a while it could mean the baby would be very young by September 2017 start date?!

The course are pressuring us to finish the UCAS forms and I'm now unsure whether to not apply and wait until next year (then I could defer the place if necessary) or to apply this year and take a gamble?

Would it look badly on a uni application with a years break rather than straight from the college?

Any advice or ladies who have been in similar situations would be greatly appreciated!!

TiffinayAchingsFeegle Tue 24-Nov-15 18:56:57

Apply. Get the uni place then defer.

That's what I did. I too was doing an access course when I was broody, I got pregnant, applied for the degree, accepted their offer then deferred it for a year.

Jobs a good 'un.

It's possible to defer for more than one year as well.

chocolatespiders Sun 13-Dec-15 08:53:38

I am currently on year one of a two year access course. After finding it quite tough I have decided not to apply straight for uni at the end of 2 years. Because of the bursury issues and also because I have realised I am struggling with working full time and being a single parent. I want to be in a more settled position and as youngest dd is 13 I want to wait until they are older.
Is there a max time scale that can be left between finishing the access course and starting uni?

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