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Student SAHD

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Szeli Wed 05-Aug-15 18:53:36

Ok here is our situation.

Until recently I have been SE WOHM around 40 hours a week and DH has SAH but DSs 2 year funding starts in September covering him 2 days a week 8.30-4 at a private nursery.

I have just gone employed working nights half the week instead of half my SE hours.

This keeps our TC the same - around £150 a week but will drop our HB from £110 to £50 a week

This has all allowed DH the time to go back to college to start his Access Diploma 3 days a week 9-4.30 making him a full time student

I will need to find childcare for an hour after nursery and on a thursday which i think we will get help with but will we lose/gain anything else? Our budget is so, so stretched I think if we become no longer eligable for some of our TC or HB then DH will have to drop out of college which we really don't want, this is really his only hope of being in a place where he can command more than minimum wage at the course end, and hopefully pull us out of this poverty and benefits cycle.

I hope somebody could follow that and has any advice!

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