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OU module AA100 - arts intro

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Hero1callylost Mon 03-Aug-15 17:10:04

Hi there

Just wondered if anyone here has studied this module with OU and can provide any insight on the workload - it's the beginning module to arts degrees. I think I'm going to do English Lit or mix it with creative writing.

It's 7 TMAs plus one end of module assessment, so I'm just trying to figure out how that's going to fit in with working full time and an active young toddler. I've regretted not doing an English degree since I left uni prematurely 10 years ago. I've just had a credit transfer accepted which I can only use this year (otherwise I have to get it assessed again), so I'm DETERMINED to get on with it!

I'm most concerned about fitting in the reading as I'm on the go the whole day - no bus/train rides to be able to sneak in reading here and there - but the OU website doesn't have much to offer in way of detail. The "materials to buy" list is smaller than I'd expect so I get the feeling this isn't a true indication...

thanks in advance smile

Hero1callylost Mon 03-Aug-15 17:10:40

Oh and does anyone know how spread out the TMAs tend to be - do they ever overlap or would it be roughly spread out through the academic year?

wildstrawberryplace Tue 11-Aug-15 14:04:20


I did this a couple of years ago as part of my OU BA in English Literature.

The TMAs were spread out - I think 2 before Christmas and the rest after. They are usually at least 4 weeks apart. I was pg at the time, with pelvic girdle pain and rushing around doing school runs for the other DC etc with DH away a lot. The workload on this module is not that heavy, I think.

I think you'll be fine especially if you've done university level stuff before - this course is designed to be accessible to people who have not studied at degree level before.

I had limited time to study so I looked at the TMA topics and the EMA, and then concentrated on those chapters, leaving out those that didn't interest me or weren't relevant to my TMA/EMA choices. I'm sure the OU wouldn't advocate that method but I don't think I could have stuck 5 years of modules without being discriminating like that. I have got good marks so it obviously works!

Good luck!

Cecyhall Tue 11-Aug-15 15:42:51

I've just this afternoon received my pack for this module in October, there's a fair chunk of stuff they've sent! This will be my second year of OU (doing this now as I've changed my degree since last year). I've had a quick flick through and it seems that there are ideas in the books with how to set timetables to break the reading down etc, last year I found the website good at keeping you up with where you should be each week, however I don't have work and my kids are older so I am able to do mine with lots of spare time.

From the website at the moment it seems that tmas are due beginning of November, dec, jan, feb, March and the beginning and end of April, I would guess the ema would be due mid May but I can't see that anywhere just yet.

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