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CG2 Hell. Help?! -- 3 years of stress with Student Finance England - am I alone in this?

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mygreeneyedboy Thu 23-Jul-15 17:32:41

Well isn't it lovely that after paying for the £700/m childcare yourself for the first half of the year before you actually receive the loan, and then the week after you graduate get a contacted by Student Repayment Company to say you owe them £3000 back as you're no longer entitled to the grant that Student Finance England gave you because you didn't fill out the CG2 form that they DID NOT TELL me about. All fun and games hey?

Anyway, aside from that rant, I am now filling out said form - do I have to do it by week? I was on the phone and they mentioned something about just attaching the invoices and stating it by month.. but then what do I do on the page where it is only for weeks? (If that makes sense hmm )

Sorry, have been having a day of tears. I think they have given PTSD about filling forms out. It's ridiculous that they do this to me. In first year they even refused to pay my university loans and I had the university take £3000 out of my account without my knowledge.

mygreeneyedboy Thu 23-Jul-15 17:33:54

*Grant - not loan in the first sentence!

AnneOfAramis Mon 17-Aug-15 20:42:26

I have just received a letter that tells me that I owe them £4k and on the next page that they owe me £4k. I actually haven't the foggiest who is right as this relates to my first year and I graduated this year and was under the impression that the money they have been taking from my salary and the money by dd means I have or am paying what's owed. I need to call them tomorrow and really can't be asked.

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