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Baby due in Sept, homelessness forcing me to no longer defer a year

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ntree1 Wed 08-Jul-15 12:58:43


Recently split up with my fiance, and currently have nowhere to live. My second year of university begins in September, but my baby also arrives in September - I was originally going to defer for a year and look after him, then go back next September, but circumstances mean I can't really do that - Or can I? I have around 3,000£ in savings left, but that really is it. No other income.
I have no idea if I can cope with 2nd year as well as a newborn, has anyone else experienced a similar situation? I'm absolutely terrified.
Do I rent privately then claim for housing help? Or do I go through my uni first and see if they can offer any student/baby housing? Or do I wait for social housing on some list?
Honestly no experience or knowledge on any of this,
I thought my fiance would be around to support us both, feeling heartbroken but trying to stay strong so Baby isn't too stressed.

Please if anyone has any advice, please let me know!

CMOTDibbler Wed 08-Jul-15 13:12:17

The best people to give you advice would be student support services at your uni as they will know what they can provide/help you with, and what is available locally.

Where i went to uni, they did have flats in halls of residence for those with children, a nursery which was subsidised, and bursaries to help out.

notquitehuman Thu 17-Sep-15 15:23:02

I did my third year while pregnant, and had a newborn for the last few months of my course. Luckily, I was doing a humanities course that meant I wasn't in uni much, and I could write my dissertation from home in between feeds!

Speak to the student health people and see what they say. You could find out your timetable for next year and then see if childcare will fit round. Is there an on site nursery? Do they have accommodation for parents? It really depends on the uni.

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