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What help can I get with costs??

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Finnsmummy90 Thu 04-Jun-15 07:44:58

Hi everyone! When I left school I went straight into hairdressing and that is all I have done since, fast forward 8 years and I now work part time and am a single mummy to 3 year old DC. I would like to go to university to do a degree in counselling, I know once I am at uni I will be able to get grants for living costs etc. but I will have to do an access for a year prior to uni. As it would be 3 full days a week and my son is not yet at school I don't think I would manage to keep up my part time job, along side with being a mummy and also the coursework!

Is it possible to just be a student? What help are you entitled to in order to do this? At the moment I work part time topped up with tax credits so I am aware if I leave work I also won't be entitled to working tax anymore. Please help!! smile

bubbleandboos Thu 04-Jun-15 16:40:30

Hi! I did an access course last year as a single parent and I was able to claim income support and housing benefit for the duration. You can also get a reduced rate on your council tax, as being on an access course you are already classed as a student. Also my college paid for most of my childcare for my two children, which was very helpful!!
Best of luck, it's the best thing I've ever done! I have just finished my first year of a social work degree and the access course really helped for my confidence and essay writing skills!

Finnsmummy90 Fri 05-Jun-15 08:32:38

Thank you!! Were you working before you started the course? As it is at the moment I have a part time job so will have to pay for the course, I am just thinking if I have to leave work for the course I won't be able to afford the instalments once I start? Or would it be reduced??

Exciting but daunting! smile

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