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Probably been asked a million times

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Newbrummie Sun 19-Apr-15 13:25:53

But how does it work with being a single mum - 4 kids - full time student and tax credits and housing benefit please ?
The calculators don't seem to like the student option do they ?
Thank you

MrsHuxtableReturns Sun 19-Apr-15 16:33:16

As far as I can gather you'd get:

-housing benefit due to the children
-council tax exemption if you're a full time student and no other adult is living at your address
-child benefit
child tax credits
-I believe you can also get working tax credits if you get a part-time job of 16 hours along your studies
-student loan/bursery depending on degree and country
-some sort of payments towards childcare also depending on where you are and what exactly you're doing

Does that help?

Newbrummie Sun 19-Apr-15 18:37:16

That's brilliant thank you

ClaudiusMaximus Mon 20-Apr-15 10:52:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsHuxtableReturns Mon 20-Apr-15 14:46:21

Why? Is the OP from overseas? That would change a lot I think.

Newbrummie Mon 20-Apr-15 18:59:45


Newbrummie Mon 20-Apr-15 19:00:44

I'm not from overseas and having children means I don't pay overseas fees

fairgame Mon 20-Apr-15 19:03:18

Double check with your local council about housing benefit as I wasn't allowed when I was a student single parent.

ClaudiusMaximus Mon 20-Apr-15 22:28:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Newbrummie Mon 20-Apr-15 22:41:05

No they don't when you have children to support, better than paying me income support I guess

lizabeth0607 Thu 13-Aug-15 23:47:25

I'm a full time student and entitled to no housing benefit.

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