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Uggh, cant stand the waiting!

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Busyalexsmummy Wed 25-Oct-06 09:13:55

UCAS application finally got sent last Fridaybut the waiting is already killing me!

Gd luck to anyone else applying

frenchconnection Wed 25-Oct-06 09:49:30

hi, i sent my application (v keenly!!) on the first day Ucas allowed it for this yr, 15th sept! so have been waiting for about 6 wks already!! Prob wont hear anything til about Feb/March they warned me!!
What course have you applied for?

fifi26 Wed 25-Oct-06 12:34:09

Completed my application yesterday. Just waiting for my reference to be completed and it can finally be sent.

What uni's have people applied for?

Radley Wed 25-Oct-06 12:36:52

I don't know what UCAS means, but from the posts, I'm guessing you've applied for university.

I just wanted to say good luck and you are very very lucky, not going to university is my only regret and something I don't think I'll ever be able to put right.

Molesworth Wed 25-Oct-06 12:37:20

Why not Radley? There's always the OU!

Molesworth Wed 25-Oct-06 12:37:43

PS good luck to everyone from me too

schneebly Wed 25-Oct-06 13:14:51

All the best to all of you in your prospective studies! I am so happy that I decided to go back to study and I am really enjoying doing my degree (started in Sep) - I can also look to the future when the kids are in school and know that now I have the chance of getting a decent job which I love and not some crappy job that I hate just to bring the money in. My dream of building our own house may also be able to happen one day now.

schneebly Wed 25-Oct-06 13:18:08

Oh and Radley - there are ways and means! There is OU or you could, like me, do a full time online degree course which is eligible for funding! I am managing to do my course, still be at home with the kids and work 8-12 hours pw on the weekend. I am not claiming it is easy but it is worth it!

frenchconnection Wed 25-Oct-06 16:47:59

I keep checking on the online ucas track service... all it ever says is " your application has been sent for consideration" blah blah..
Will have to wait for months to hear anything, and my chances arent good... around 450 apply for a course with only 40 places!!

good luck everyone!

Radley Wed 25-Oct-06 17:12:52

Scneebly, I didn't realise that you could do it online, do you have a website that I could look at please?

schneebly Wed 25-Oct-06 17:16:05

I am doing mine in Scotland through the UHI

here but I am sure there must be other places too! I will have a look for you.

schneebly Wed 25-Oct-06 17:19:18

more info on learn direct


Busyalexsmummy Wed 25-Oct-06 21:53:37

Ive apllied for Bsc Midwifery degree at Plymouth, bournmouth, southampton, cardiff and UWE(Bristol)
Apparently after going to open days 440 applied last yr at plym for 40 spaces and 600 at UWE for 45 places. I hope will get in though, Ive wanted it for years now and Im so passionate about it that Im one of those people who cant beleive there could be anyone more passionate about it than me IYSWIM! lol Fingers crossed and its just a case of waiting now! French connection-are you applying for midwifery?
All my application says is "your application has been sent for consideration" too!!

schneebly Wed 25-Oct-06 21:54:29

Good luck Alexsmummy!

Radley Thu 26-Oct-06 13:57:17

Looking at some of the sites, it appears that i've left it too late maybe next year

frenchconnection Thu 26-Oct-06 20:24:14

Busyalexsmummy , no i have applied for speech therapy degree... cant do midwifery as how do mothers manage all the shift work/24hr availablity???

Busyalexsmummy Thu 26-Oct-06 20:49:34

I have a very supportive partner and a lovely friend who is willing to take the boys overnight if I need to shadow my mentor on a night shift.
Everyone knows Ive wanted this for many years now so everybody is very supportive of me and willing to help all they can, Im very lucky but I know it'll still be very hard work

tiredemma Thu 26-Oct-06 21:15:28

UGH, i can vividly remember this time last year- sitting watching ucas day in day out for an update.
my nerves were on edge constantly- I had a fab xmas pressie though - found out i had my first choice uni place on xmas eve!
Gosh- its gone soooo fast!!

fifi26 Fri 27-Oct-06 07:59:47

I'm unable to move because of family commitments so I have been restricted to applying for the only uni I'm able to commute to. So all my eggs are in one basket. Fortunatly Exeter looks like an excellent place to study for a BA Childhood and Youth studies. Will be one of the best things that ever happened to me if I get in. I'm so nervous.

schneebly Fri 27-Oct-06 08:04:08

Fifi - that is the degree I am doing with UHI! It is really interesting so far.

Radley - I only applied in May this year and started in September! It might be different because it is a college and not a Univerity but still offeres degree programmes. If you cant get a place for net year maybe you could do some kind of course in the interim to prepare you for study and help your application next year?

fifi26 Fri 27-Oct-06 11:47:38

schneebly did you study an access course before going onto the degree?

Moonpie Fri 27-Oct-06 12:27:22

I sent mine in this morning! I'm not that hopeful but at least I feel like I've tried this time rather than just thinking I'm going to do it at some point. I've applied for midwifery too.

Good luck to everyone!

schneebly Fri 27-Oct-06 13:11:20

No fifi but I have fairly recent (I am 27)qualifications from school and have previously studied to HND level (in a completely different subject!)

schneebly Fri 27-Oct-06 13:11:40

good luck moonpie!

frenchconnection Fri 27-Oct-06 14:31:51

so how long do you usually have to wait to get a response from the universities? ive only applied to one, its my only hope as all the others are too far away..

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