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Investigating Social Sciences - Open University

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thehumanjam Mon 16-Feb-15 16:10:48

I'm planning on studying with the Open University with a view to obtaining a degree in Humanities. I don't want to start with the recommended introduction to the Arts module, I would rather leave that until my second module and start with the Social Sciences module. Has anyone else studied this? How did you find it?


fredfredsausagehead1 Fri 20-Feb-15 10:55:53

I studied this smile

I actually found it very interesting and it covers a broad range of topics including social sciences, psychology, statistics, politics, it started of great but then It got hard going towards the end but I still got good marks, you also have the option to substitute one assignment.

Good luck with it!

Branleuse Fri 20-Feb-15 11:01:23

is this the 30 credits one. Introducing social sciences.
I did this. Loved it

fredfredsausagehead1 Fri 20-Feb-15 11:36:59

Ah sorry I did the 60 credits one...

thehumanjam Mon 23-Feb-15 15:37:34

Thanks for responses. It is the 60 credit one. How did it get hard going towards the end?

Feeling slightly nervous...

fredfredsausagehead1 Mon 23-Feb-15 21:19:01

I think I found it hard going as I lost momentum over the summer and lots of the content was politics ugh! Funnily enough though I got the better marks on those!!

thehumanjam Mon 23-Feb-15 22:11:21

I think I would quite enjoy politics. I'm aiming for a degree in Humanities however the level 1 modules just don't appeal to me. The recommended first module is exploring the arts, if I want a degree in Humanities I will have to study it but I don't want to start it with it. Looking at the content it includes assignments on analysing sculptures and buildings. I really can't imagine being able to write more than one sentence on something like that which is a bit of a worry really, am I capable of passing it?!

Starting with a Social Sciences module would ease me into it I think. I Like to put the world to rights and this sounds more up my street!

fredfredsausagehead1 Tue 24-Feb-15 21:28:15

Definitely do it then! There is loads on identity and social order, I think you will like it, the art would not appeal to me either blush

justjuanmorebeer Wed 25-Feb-15 19:15:02

I did it. Infact I did it twice as DD100 and then DD101 as the first time I left the country and dropped out.
Brilliant course, I thoroughly urge you to do it.
I also studied the arts level 1 and yep, snore. I had to write about Cleopatra, Maria Callas and Dr Faustus along with other stuff. I didn't like it and was much more comfortable in the soc sci.
Finished my soc sci degree last year. Best thing I ever did. Enjoy it.

thehumanjam Wed 25-Feb-15 19:45:46

JustJuan, how did your results in The Arts compare to the Social Science module? I'm actually worried that I might not be capable of passing the Arts module. Got to be done though as I want the degree in Humanities and the level 2 and 3 modules look so much more interesting than the Arts level 1 module.

thehumanjam Wed 25-Feb-15 19:47:31

Congrats to all of you for passing!

fredfredsausagehead1 Wed 25-Feb-15 20:05:40

I genuinely think that if you want a pass you will get either! It's quite spoon fed if you put a bit of time in and I got really good marks doing less than I should have. At level 1 really I think most people pass even if it's just 40 so you'll be fine !

thehumanjam Wed 25-Feb-15 20:40:13

That's good to know. At least the only module I'm not interested in is level 1 so a low pass will do me just fine. I would like to aim for a higher mark in the social sciences though.

fredfredsausagehead1 Thu 26-Feb-15 07:30:49

Your level 1 scores don't count towards your final degree so you will be ok grin

justjuanmorebeer Thu 26-Feb-15 08:44:44

My marks were broadly the same to be honest but AA100 (or whatever it is called now) was easier becuase there was more scope for creativity, interpretation and opinion whereas soc sci needs the proper evidence from the course mats if that makes sense?
When analysing a painting you can sort of say 'well I think it means this' and just make up any old thing and as long as it is justified you are right. Soc sci essays don't really work like that.
The TMAs for arts were also much shorter word counts for each thing and most TMAs were short bits of writing but at least 2 parts for each assignment. Soc sci tends to be one assignment of around 1500-2000 words each time. Much prefer that.

thehumanjam Thu 26-Feb-15 13:02:40

I just want to get started now!

Cecyhall Thu 26-Feb-15 16:32:09

Hello, I'm just in the process of switching from languages to humanities so have found this thread interesting.

Because I started on language path I'm just finishing off my first lot of level 1 modules and so I'll have to start aa100 in October as my compulsory level 1 (although one of the ones I'm doing this year was compulsory for Languages so I'm looking forward to being able to do my own choices!)

AndHarry Tue 10-Mar-15 20:07:07

I'm doing the Introducing the Social Sciences DD102 module now. It's quite interesting but it's definitely about getting you to learn the terminology and structure of social science enquiry rather than exploring your own opinions.

currentnameinuse Tue 10-Mar-15 20:14:48

I am just coming to the end of AA100 - it is ok. I was going to do the Introducing Social Sciences but have heard it is dull as dishwater so am doing Investigating Psychology instead. As long as you get 40% on the level 1 courses that is sufficient.

loveareadingthanks Fri 12-Jun-15 22:03:23

Hello, just finished my English Lit degree.

If it's the level 2 and 3 courses that mainly interest you (agree with that!) then check with the OU if it's compulsory now to do two Level 1s. It's the recommended way as it follows a standard 3 year degree structure then (over 6 years) but actually lots of us have only done one Level 1 and done an extra Level 2 or Level 3 instead. I've got one Level 1, 2 Level 2s and 3 Level 3s. Check with them though, they may have become less flexible - at least the degree info on the website is a lot less clear and flexible looking. Still lots of us doing this though so could still be a possibility.

Don't go thinking one course or subject is easier than another. They aren't. Of course people have different talents and interests, but the courses overall are the same in terms of how challenging/difficult/easy. Level 1s are pretty easy. You only get a pass/fail (40% to pass), no grades towards degree grades, and they are all about teaching the basics of a subject, study skills, how to write an essay etc. And all designed to take someone with zero knowledge or experience of that subject up to the point they can then tackle a more specialised higher level course building on from there.

the Level 1 Arts course is brilliant. No-one knows much about any of it when you start, other than stuff you have done at school a bit (English, history). Don't be scared of it. You can't write an essay on Roman architecture now, of course you can't, but you will be able to after you've studied it. That's the point of studying :-)

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