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Self employed single mum,wanting to do an access course (and a second job too maybe?)

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Katerina2015 Thu 05-Feb-15 10:16:01

I am currently working from home,selling items from an e-shop (since 2011)

My son started reception this year and I would like to attend an access course in Sept so that I follow a medical related course(either for animals or humans).
The money I earn now is not enough and I am on working tax credits and HB depending on income.I would like an extra part time job but all seems to messed up in my head and I don't know how to organize it.
I don't know many people where I live as we moved recently and I don't mind being all day at work,studying and spending time with my child.I am very excited learning so I don't miss having personal time.
Is there really a way to work part time during school hours and do an access to HE course?
Would a distant learning course be recognized?Or funded too?Cause I would get a student loan.
I assume it is a risk learning science related subjects from home,they should be hard enough and you would need a teacher in a college..

Can anyone advise me please?
I also don't want my child to be in after school clubs and miss everything from his age...I want to have time for him too.

thanks in advance

Madsometimes Thu 05-Feb-15 21:48:40

Most access courses have a restricted number of hours so students can still claim benefits. AFAIK access fees are paid with a student loan. If you pass your access course and then go onto complete a degree course, these fees are written off. If you drop out, then you will need to repay your fees. I think, I could be wrong, it was different when I did access.

If you get onto a healthcare course then your hours will increase hugely to full time and you will need wrap around care. Some courses have placements with unsociable hours, so bear this in mind. Your ds will still be very young if you go to uni.

In terms of whether a particular access course is accepted by a particular university for a particular course, then that's a bit of a lottery. If you have an access course in mind, I strongly advise you to contact universities and ask them if they recognise this particular course before you start. My degree course only accepted one access course from an affiliated college. I am not even sure if they accept that any more.

I didn't do distance learning, and having lab sessions really helped. In chemistry I did titration and work on testing organic chemicals, and in biology I did microscopy and dissections. I know that the OU offer access by distance, and practical work is done using common household equipment.

The best place for access advice and support is the student room. They normally have active access and pre access threads in the mature students section.

Katerina2015 Sat 07-Feb-15 08:58:14

thank you! smile

Madsometimes Sat 07-Feb-15 20:51:32

The funding I described is a 24 plus loan. If you are under 24 it is different.

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