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Just sent off my UCAS form!

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Lucyandpoppy Fri 09-Jan-15 21:59:15

Hi everyone, tentatively creeping in here for the first time (well first time posting I have lurked before ;) )

I am 21 and just finished my first year of a law degree last summer however due to housing difficulties I had to move away from where the Uni I was going to was in September of last year, also found out I was pregnant around then!

Currently 24 weeks pregnant and just applied for a midwifery degree smile A bit nervous because my A level's don't meet the entry grades (I got BCC they are looking for ABB) but then I got a 2:1 in most of my law degree units last year so surely that counts for something too? I applied to this Uni specifically because they do family accomodation, so hoping that we will be able to move out and into accomodation in September when DD will be 5 months old.

Anyone here doing midwifery? A bit worried about how I will cope with a baby and doing clinical placements but then if I was working then I would probably be going back to full time work after 5 months so not that different really.

If I don't get in to midwifery then I think we will try and move back to where my old Uni is and go back to a law degree part time.

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