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Funding for Masters?

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JavelinArse Sat 03-Jan-15 09:47:10

I'm thinking about applying to do a social science Masters starting this September but I do not have a penny to pay towards tuition fees, I am a single parent with two young children.

I have thought about applying for funding but have talked myself out of it because I'm not a particularly outstanding student (although I do have a 2:1 from a Russell group university) and funding must surely be very competitive?

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Would a career development loan be the answer perhaps?

I don't have any friends or family that have gone to university to do a first degree, let alone a Masters so haven't got the first clue about post graduate study and there's no one irl to ask blush

JavelinArse Sat 03-Jan-15 22:21:35

Anyone? hopeful

TheBeanpole Mon 05-Jan-15 13:31:02

Are you interested in research methods (it's a PGDip but pre-Doc if that's of interest)? Starts April though:

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Tue 06-Jan-15 13:05:42

Also a single parent - though only one young child in my case.

I was very lucky to win full funding from my department for my (economics) Masters. It is competitive but someone has to get it! I didn't expect it to be me: I was a mature student with a first (at the time it was only a predicted first) but not from a Russell Group uni, my A levels are flaky to say the least, I had no relevant work experience or contacts in the field or academia. But something I wrote on the application statement must have ticked some boxes - or everyone else who applied must have been an even less likely bet than me. ;)
The uni listed all the available scholarships on their web pages and from there it was easy to see which I was eligible to apply for and how to do so.

Good luck!

I was all ready to look at a CDL and got the paperwork but thankfully never had to go through the actual application process. In retrospect I could not really have afforded to do it this way - the CDL only goes up to an absolute max of £10k and my MSc was nearly £9k in course fees alone, before looking at childcare etc. But your circs may be entirely different - economics is frequently the most expensive among the social sciences!

Definitely see what pots of money are out there and apply for any that fit. Worst case scenario it's good practice and each application will be better than the last. smile

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