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What can I use my bursary for to make our lives easier?

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TheBeanpole Tue 25-Nov-14 12:12:01

I'm starting a PgDip in January. The course is about 9 months long and designed for people who are working- so there's minimal time actually in Uni, although there will be dribs and drabs in the evenings, plus a 20 day placement (which is an attachment to an existing research project and doesn't all need to be during the day). Towards the end I'll also hopefully be doing proposals for PT PhD funding.

I work full time, a compressed week, and have a reasonably challenging job with some travel, plus a 1 yo DD. I did my Masters while working, but was free and reasonably single at the time so I just fitted it in wherever with massive bursts before exams and assignments. That's not going to work this time. DP works FT time, and does all nursery drop offs and pick ups already as I work longer days. He already does loads more than me around the house.

I'm lucky enough to have a bursary that will give me a couple of hundred a month extra once fees are paid. We already have a cleaner- what else can I use it for to make our lives easier?

Am thinking occasional babysitting on my day with DD to enable me to get some work done plus more cleaning. Perhaps a bit of unpaid leave. What did you find made things more manageable?

And any other tips for study/FT work/small person management gratefully received! I can't go out in the evenings much now anyway, so this will at least give me something productive to do.

redexpat Mon 22-Dec-14 13:16:21

I was going to say cleaner.

Have you got a working laptop? With online storage.

How are you fixed for transport?

Kelly008 Tue 23-Dec-14 21:31:16

If you have a spare room maybe hire an au pair and combine her as a baby sitter / cleaner?? Au pair world is a good site and the average is 70-100 a week For one I think. I worked as an au pair and was paid &80 a week but lodging and food was free and I done housework and looked after the kids for a few hours a day and had 2/3 full days off

TheBeanpole Mon 05-Jan-15 13:28:25

Ah thanks! Sorry, I wandered off and forgot to come back. Good on the laptop front but will think about storage.

I LOVE the idea of an Au Pair but I don't think DP will go for it unfortunately. I think what i am going to do instead is look for a regular babysitter for Friday mornings every other week so I can do some work. If DD continues her sleepless shennanigans I will be good for nothing on week nights.

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