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What to do with my old OU course materials?

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chicaguapa Sun 23-Nov-14 15:32:11

I'm having a clear out and have come across all my old course books for a few modules I did quite a few years ago. Two of them have cassettes and videos! blush

I'm not sure what to do with them. Seems a shame to bin them as I know the OU course books are really good and probably useful reference material. Is there anywhere I can sell them or at least donate them so they'd be used?

justjuanmorebeer Sun 23-Nov-14 20:01:20

I live in a city with 2 unis so there are a few acedemic charity bookshops where I live. They were glad of them

chicaguapa Tue 25-Nov-14 07:10:22

Thanks. What city is that as there are two unis where I live too?

justjuanmorebeer Thu 27-Nov-14 17:33:35

I'm in Leicester

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