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OU - how do Levels 2 and 3 compare effort wise with Level 1?

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I enrolled to do one module at L1 three years ago and qualified for the transitional arrangements, so I registered for the Open degree with no intention of finishing it. I have done 5 short modules and am doing my 60 credit core Level 1 module to get me to 120 credits now and am wondering whether to continue. I'm enjoying my study, but with two DCs, two voluntary roles and a part time job it is a big commitment, when it won't make any difference to my career (I've already got a degree which is more relevant to my career, this is purely for interest).

Does the time and effort really ramp up? Or does it stay at a similar sort of level? I've always said I'll stop after level 1, but am starting to feel as though I want to carry on. Maybe just to the end of Level 2. So hard to know!

Passamaquoddy Sat 22-Nov-14 14:03:14

Hi. I have just started my first level 2. I was contemplating doing two at the same time but I am so glad I didn't! The worked has definitely increased...I am a sahm too, but I just don't have enough hours in the day! The TMA's are a slog too...don't let it put you off though, v enjoyable!

Thank you, my current L1 module runs till July, so I would not start L2 till next October, therefore plenty of time to decide, but I really am torn. If I give up, that's it, transitional funding over, on the other hand I really did only intend to do one short module, not a whole degree!

elfycat Mon 24-Nov-14 16:03:35

I've just finished a literature degree. I found that the end assignment of each level tied in with about the first TMA of the next but then additional depth would need to be shown as each course progressed.

DH (also took a BEng at the same time as mine) and I agreed that unless you ramp up the skill/essay writing you'd lose about 10-15% between scores for L1 and L2 and again for L3. This is only our own interpretation. more time

However we both found the OU course materials, study aids and tutor advice was good at helping us to progress. And we got better at focusing our study so it didn't take all that much more time to study for the last 60pt course than the first.

I only came to the OU to take a 60pt L2 course and now I have my crisp and beautiful BA Eng Lit certificate. As the transitional funding (luckily I got it too) is one time only I suggest at least having a try. I took mine as a hobby (day job was nursing) and spent 6 years studying. I have a 5.5 year old and a 4 year old so it was quite hard going at times.

Well done Elfycat (and DH). The problem for me is that I've gone so slowly through L1 (will be 3+ years) that I haven't left enough time to do both L2 and L3 in the transitional period (got till 2017, but won't finish L1 until summer of 2015). I could carry on at full price until 2019, but I really have to question whether it's worth the effort or expense when I already have a degree which is entirely relevant to my career and this isn't (not looking to change career).

I've decided against. I just got a low mark on a TMA which showed that I really haven't been spending enough time on my studying and if I'm honest although I find my subject interesting I often resent the time I have been spending when there are other things I'd rather be doing, it's like a little black cloud hanging over me a lot of the time. It's not as if it will make any difference to my career. The thought of doing it for another three years is just too much. Maybe if this had come along at a different time in my life, but not now.

TheFlyingFauxPas Fri 20-Mar-15 20:44:06

You may still be able to bank some of your credits - check with student support. Take your time to decide before you quit. I quit uni (brick) on day 2 and regretted it ever since. I'm now doing ou also open degree. It's not all plain sailing but I'm hanging on in there. I'm also last of the transitionals and if I carry on will have to apply for finance for last year - I figure if I get that far it'll be worth it to spend that. Don't be too disheartened on your TMA score - that bit just may not have been your thing - what score did you get? Will you still pass your module overall (use the predictor to check) I've even missed tmas and still passed.

Just one more thing - worth checking that all your short courses count towards your degree if you're carrying on - after Dec 2015 no more than 30 credits from Openings modules or the discontinued Short module Science - DO CHECK MY INFO TOO - would hate to mislead. Know what you mean about the black cloud smile it's there all the time isn't it? I feel I can't do other stuff - decorating etc while it's sitting there waiting for me!

Look back at feedback from tutors. You're maybe better than you think. And not in a bad way but are you aiming higher than you need to eg in my courses so far all that is required is 40%. What are you getting? Remember you should improve as you go on.

I too am doing mine for fun... but I don't already have one (a degree) and would really like one smile

TheFlyingFauxPas Fri 20-Mar-15 20:46:12

I understand you may feel different as this is your second degree ie all and totally committed and getting fab marks or nothing maybe?

Didn't see these last two posts till today. I submitted the EMA for that module last week, it will be good enoughfor a pass and I did pass all the TMAs. It was hard going at times though.

I did check about the new criteria for old modules and should be ok as I only did one openings module and didn't do that particular science one (my first degree is in a science subject). As for carrying on, I am going to do the one level 2 module which is really appealing to me, but none of the rest grab me, my DCs are 9 and 11 and I want to spend my evenings and weekends in the next few years doing family stuff. I don't want to be looking back in 5 years time when they are off out by themselves all the time and wish I had spent my free time with them instead of studying for a degree I don't need.

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